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RE: How to install Coin Magi wallet on your raspberry PI

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This tutorial is great, it could be enhanced for N00bs like me.

  1. There's a typo, when you are going to compile where should read armv7l says arm7l

Took me a while to find the issue as I was receiving a SSE compilation error.

2.When "Update your system to receive jessie"
You can add: For this, just change the word stretch for jessie

  1. Configuring the wallet
    Please add where to get the Username & Password
    To my knowledge this came when you join a Pool, so Joining a Pool should be before that point.
    Also to Join a Pool you need a Coin Address, should I use one generated with the command: "magid getnewaddress"?

  2. magid getinfo
    After more than two hours and you still get the error "couldn't connect to server", what should I check?

  3. After you begin to mine, when in time you should have a Balance when you run the magid getinfo command?

  4. Can the Mining process be added to this tutorial?


Hey! For your address:
~/magi $ magid getaddresses

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