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In last ten years we have noticed how the rate of unemployed people has increased. The question here that comes to our mind is why these people continue to be unemployed even when they are equipped with the skill sets as are trained in various professional courses which lay the basis of having a job in various sectors. If population growth is one of the reason for the increased unemployment, economic policies have not been strong enough to resolve these needs. This has led to methods where the youth are trying to fit into any system they wish to be a part of by falsification of resumes and addition of qualifications through institutions which can offer you qualifications, experience certificates in exchange of money. There are many ways of getting certificates for courses online by making the assigned payments which are then reflected on the resumes. This results in jobs for less qualified people and the highly qualified people find it hard to break through in their careers. The ill effects associated with this type of hiring processes is that the employees are not exactly what their resumes are pointing at and the organizations are not benefited in an efficient manner. There is a deal of provision which can upgrade the system and make it fair, efficient, effective for the employer and the employees. The technology which is coming up with an attestation platform is known as SpringRole based on blockchain technology which will help to verify the resumes of the applicants and will forward resumes with genuine qualification and skill sets. The attestation will involve communication with small and big institutions for verification and for understanding the type of qualifications mentioned in resumes.

Employer - Employee relations


Recruitment processes in majority of the organizations depends completely on the resumes of the job applicants. Once the job descriptions are fabricated it then depends on the resumes of applicants which are analyzed for further selection process. Employers have to spend a lot on the verification of the details filled in by the candidates. The work experience mentioned needs to b verified too. When these employers will shift to SpringRole. They will get access to verified resumes as the resumes uploaded by the applicants will be truthful and everything mentioned on the resumes will be genuine. Employers will only get access to properly skilled and qualified workers. Attestation that will be assigned by the SpringRole platform will bring highly qualified and skilled labour in practice and improve the overall results of the organisations. Any falsification found in any of the resumes can result in direct consequences for the applicant. Applicants and employers or we can say employers and employees are the two important blogs of this platform. SpringRole will set a standard for attestation of various courses and qualifications mentioned in the resumes of the employees. If the requirements are not met i.e, if the information provided in resumes fails to meet the standard then they will not be able to enter to enter the platform as a valid employee.

Joining Hands With Universities


The important role will be played by universities and colleges. The degrees or the certifications mentioned in the resume should be verified by the universities themselves. This means that the SpringRole will bring universities on the platform to make verification, attestation of the resume possible. Universities will provide the details of the course and how the applicant has attended the course. This will again tell the employer whether it was a regular course and whether the time invested in a professional course was enough to meet the standards and the requirements of the job. This will help the employers to get the idea of the skill sets and other determinants which affect the working of an employee. The universities are categorised as big institutions which will be added to SpringRole, small institutions which provide certifications for various courses will also be made to attest the certifications. Employees usually come up with various add-on courses, due to these courses they are preferred over other job applicants. This means the attestation of these small add-on courses will be needed too and that is exactly what SpringRole is planning to achieve.

Why Blockchain?


Blockchain has been the innovation which has led to may startups. The main reason of blockchain technology to be the backbone of this system is the transparency. The data stored in the data warehouse will be verified and will be in the access of employers with complete transparency. The platform as we know will be tokenized and that will help to reduce the cost which would be needed for confirmation, attestation of various resumes. The verification process will be easier and only highly qualified and verified employees will be available. This can lead to improved employment procedures and better service delivery.

Token Sale [1st July - 31st July]

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Spring token will be on sale from 1 July. There are also various bounty programs available to participate in. Support the project to make things corruption free when it comes to employment procedures and recruitments.

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