Cryptocurrency Market Is About To Explode- Buy Now!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Cryptocurrency market is on the edge of a big explosion, if you took a look at the statistics today you know what I mean!

If you don't know what I'm talking about then ill explain.
The crypto market is always going up and down on certain periods, there's no way around it.
This time it's a big down, when 90% of the coins are suffering a loss at their worth.

What does it mean for us?
Buy now, hold for later, make money and be happy.
The market is currently on a low that in my prediction, will stay like that for a few days(until Monday maximum).
That's usualy the case, weekends come, prices go down, people buy and prices go up again in the end of the weekend.

That's why weekends are the best time to buy coins, that's why I suggest you to do the same.






What are your predictions?
Which coin will rally up?

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I hope they go up next week. I want to ride the waves.


They usually do.

Today is as red as hell. Holding so many bags but as i always say you only loose if you sell at a loss.


Exactly, just be patient!

Thanks for the insights! I'll keep this in mind and see if I can spot this trend over the coming weeks and look for entry points.


You're welcome. Remember, red at the weekends, green most of the week.


I'll look for that. I usually pay more attention to MACD for spotting entry points..

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This is going to be a long summer for a lot of the new people. Equities generally trade lower during July/August to rebound in September when everyone comes back. We'll definitely get some run ups during these few months but the general trend should be down, especially with Aug 1 looming for Bitcoin.


I agree, but lots of opportunities for the patient ones!

Litecoin ($LTC) looks great for me. Although it already made a rally up i think that will go much higher. Nice post . Thank you !


Thank you my friend!