Sneak peek on the coming-up exchange

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Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share a glance of our exchange which is on the final phase (Performance and Security Testing) before releasing. This is reported from our beta testers as I am one of them. To me, this is really the thing I’ve been looking for in an exchange in which the current exchanges still do not possess.

The exchange is about to provide a trading place not only for crypto-crypto, but also for Forex, CDFs, and other assets in the future. So you can see the big BUY and SELL buttons as screenshot below:

There is a set of widgets which are customizable by drag-n-dropping. We can create our own preferred arrangement and save it as one of our favorite presets:

Current available widgets:

The Balance widget which allows to display up to 4 types of coin/token in our wallet:

There are four tabs: PROFILE, BALANCE, TRADE, and REPEORTS. Most are locked on demo stage, but the main tabs are active, editable:


But not only that, the Dark Mode has just been implemented for those who like this mode when Trading:

Moon Theme:

The exchange current state is in phase 2 of the final stage. And the exchange launch date will be announced in during’s collaborative event with Bloomberg on Friday, June 29th, 2018.

As stated in’s medium channel, features of the exchange include but are not limited to:

  • Default widgets include charting, order book, trade history, balance, order history and chat
  • Ability to save up to 10 customized canvas layouts, accessible easily with one click
  • Powerful flexibility for traders to create their perfect trading environment, without compromizing on performance or speed
  • Ability to create custom profiles and avatars, as well as a customizable RSS news feed page’s CTO Charles Voltron commented on the platform “It’s clear that poor user interface is the top complaint among traders about currently available crypto exchanges, along with security concerns. Through our customizable modular UI, the evolution of our platform will be almost entirely driven by the users themselves.”

Find out more:

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  4. The BETA launch is here.