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Among the exchanges nowadays, which one do you like best? Which is your most favorite feature? It can be the nice and easy navigating chart or interface such as Binance with its exchange’s token, the nice dark theme of Bitfinex and its embedded TradingView’s chart, the Trailing Stop order function, the margin trading on BitMex; or the fast KYC verification process on ABC, quick support on XYZ…

New exchanges pop out day by day, and they must show better ideas and provide preferable benefits to traders. The one who stays is the one who focuses on the core values, the firm vision, with the excellent team’s expertise, and good community support.

None of the present exchange shows all of these things in one set – but

Now let’s see if below is the list of your favorites, then kindly comment below with your ideas, and I am sure they will be considered by’s management team:

  • Experienced Team: Management & advisors from the fintech, investment banking, blockchain, and trading space. They pledge not to disappoint our valued community.
  • Strong Community: Its super patient, supportive and responsive admin team on Telegram is impressive. We have all your queries satisfactorily answered with kindness.
  • Blockchain Technology: is an full-fledged exchange with blockchain technology applied: The BTV provides receipt on every transaction within client account ensuring complete transparency through the blockchain.
  • Multi-asset Trading: will be a trading and financing platform not only for crypto-crypto, but also offer CFDs and Forex over precious metals, commodities, oil, global equities etc.
  • Liquidity Pool: The highly anticipated Exchange and Liquidity Pool which will promise a favorable interests to the community, when 50% of its shared profits will be transferred to their Trade Token holders.
  • Trade Token: Used to participate in the shared Liquidity Pool. It also can be used for transactions on a wide range of assets and IPOs/ICOs on exchange.
  • The Beta Exchange has shown its innovative and smooth UI/UX, with customized canvas layouts, the flexibility for traders to create their trading environment, without compromising on performance or speed. It is currently on final testing phase by an expert dev team and testers selected from community.
  • Firm Vision: aims to meet strong regulatory requirements, by getting the necessary licenses/authorizations for
  • Traditional Investment Banking services
  • Trading on exchange for institutional and individuals
    • Research and Analytics for the blockchain industry
    • Lending / credit / margin using cryptocurrency
    • Fully compliant with required securities rules and regulations
    • Long term, trusted, operational track record in the securities industry.
  • High Target: aims to be in the top 5 crypto-asset based on market capitalization; to become the leading platform for trading multiple financial assets based on blockchain technology; to become the leading exchange for traditional companies to raise funds from crypto communities with the reduced advisory expenses.

All the above proved one thing: represents the revolutionary trading platform in this primitive era of blockchain. Good wine needs no bush, with this satisfactory features, we investors will come to and join the new Trading Revolution with


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