News: The price of Bitcoin has doubled in two weeks, now above $16k


Bitcoin prices are hockey-sticking on a hockey stick.

The cryptocurrency’s gains Thursday morning hit new heights striking well above $18k across widely varying exchanges, coming to rest above $16,000 while the popular Coinbase exchange had been suffering major issues due to “record high traffic.”

Bitcoin was trading below $8,000 two weeks ago.

This is a truly, truly volatile game at this point, the swings didn’t appear as consequential when the market cap rested in the low billions, but as institutional pocketbooks push that cap to nearly $300 billion, the stakes are raised considerably.

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Yeah this past day the gain has been mind boggling to say the least. It did however corrected itself a couple hours ago. I wonder where it’ll stabilize and slow down for a bit. Maybe it is true that it can reach 1 million by 2020

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