Steem Dollars Supporting Steem Price

The price of Steem is coming close to the $1 USD mark. It briefly dropped below it on some markets. My first though was if it drops below $1 USD it's time to convert Steem Dollars to Steem. I have to assume others have had this thought as well and this will keep the price from falling much below $1 USD.



Steem dollar value is drastically decreased. I hope it get's better in the coming days. :-)

I see that now too. The price of SBD has dropped below $1. The peg is not working so well.

Useful information. Yes, convert your steem dollar into steem power or steem.Thanks for sharing.

I hope we see a rise, lots of loss occurring right now for many people

I've converted my SBD when the price of steem was like 1.35$. Didn't think it will drop even further. But yeah I guess a lot of people will be converting SBD now so steem won't drop below 1$

I have similar thoughts, hope reality will be the same!

Yes, best option is to convert to steem.