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I actually LOL. First time in awhile.


it's a good comparison

Its true. I do not have words to express how undervalued is STEEM.


Hoping Steem & Dash replace Facebook & Bitcoin respectively!


Part of the reason is HYPE


3, 2, 1 Done!

Nice one, I believe in steemit. It really is the top functioning blockchain app now.

Supper cool. Best comic ever. Very true as well. The free and fast aspect is necessary now and what will make steem amazing. Plus the community of course.

Hey if steem can build a teleport machine, I'm on board.

"Steem, you're already there" ™

GO Steem GO!

Being able to buy STEEM currently is like being able to buy Facebook stock back in 2004

Funny. But Yeah it sure looks "factual". As in sci-fi. :)

Lol, sounds accurate XD

This is great... the comparison is exact and cutting.


Steem all the way!

As long as all my bits arrive at the other side with me then I am in!

Love it! Super funny. Riding that bullet train to money town!

Made a funny post about freelancing you might find funny too. Thought maybe you'd check it out?

I love Bitcoin (and Steem & Steemit) but your toons here are some of the coolest that I have seen in long time. I really like the first one with bitcoin bus! And the Steem ticket with Fee: Free is very witty!



I bought my first bitcoin when it was valued at $16 after watching it jump that high from $6. I dabbled in it a bit and got out, much to my wife's pleasure. Of course, after a couple of years I sincerely regret not keeping my 45 or so bitcoin.

Here's to being in for the long haul with Steemit - the future of social media!


Sorry to hear - but something else will pay off.


Or we all just keep spinning in the hamster wheel until the end of time...

This is proper done man..!

As far as i see from my point of view as a new proud member of steemit on my future vision it looks like steemit shows a huge difference in growing comparing to others part of this is the steemit community. GO STEEMIT.

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What happens after bitcoin's UASF on August 1st? This has been causing a rift in the Bitcoin community and while I know some of the benefits of this it seems like the uncertainty might scare away investors.

My prediction: A lot of bitcoin are sold off as investors move into smaller but more future ready cryptos like ETH, STEEM.


They're not more future ready. They just haven't gotten to a point where they really threaten the elites yet.

Brian , your brain is awesome!!

awesome post! haha followed <3

interestingly one of the quick way to be a millionaire these days and something normal people will ignore, is to participate in cryptocurrency. think about how much it has increased since few years back.

🍒 That's really funny xD, now I did read on another post that Etherium was winning on amount of transactions versus Bitcoin, because ETH is faster than BTC, I hope that soon Steem wins over ETH because it's even faster and free :D

Yes, I'm on the Steem Teleport. You can't beat free.

Cool comic. I'm curious how you make them.


Draw them on an iPad

LOLed at " @an-actual-name"

Super super cool!!! I really believe in Steemit. It´s the future social network

That is "real" funny upvoted, for fun please also check my dogs blog and follow if you like

Nice cartoon - we are all on board with Steem!

As long as you get what you come for , the outcomes always great . Guess everyone's following the trend now

Haha, this is perfect. Followed and upvoted!

Nice one 😂😂😂

So true ahah :)