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It’s funny because it’s true!!

Well this comic will bring tears for many. Hopefully the joy type.

Painfully true. One of my most common lessons for people is the importance of holding your own private keys and staying far, far away from centralized exchanges.

Poignant, funny (though sad), and timely as always Brian.

Thank you!

@ Smart and funny dear @mynameisbrian

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have exploded in value making them an ever-more attractive target for scammers and hackers!!

Never leave your cryptos on an exchange! Secure it in a hardware wallet! :) Very funny comic you have there! :) Great job! Upvoted!

Genius. This actually served as a reminder for me to move my valuable coins to my own wallet with a private key. I'll leave the play funds though :-)

Lmao! Security is paromount in dealing with crypto currencies. No jokes!

Its funny


Locking a door won't stop me from opening a window lol


There is a Microsoft joke in here somewhere ;p

it's true but but with a lot of coins you don't have choice.
the exchanges sometimes have ridiculous withdrawel fees and for those with a small portfolio it's wasting money to get it out.
there thieves in a lot of ways but we need to patient for better alternatives and I think 2018 will be that year of change espacially after that theft of 532million of an exchange.

and the second thing is that not every coin has a great alternative like iota,
I'm glad I left my iota on binance from the beginning and there a lot more coins with terrible wallets.

I only get them from the exchange if I can secure them with my ledger nano S otherwise I leave them there

Where did you put the keys?! Hahahaha!

that was really crazy and funny
nice work boss