you know i like this one ;)

Just wait till the next version, "Cheetha Kills!"

Or maybe, just maybe, an alternate version...
"Bitcoin gets away leavings Cheetha's cubs straving to death."


lol hilarious. will they get away? Will their swift response save them over the 3,000 foot hill? Check back next week when Bitcoin saves the day!!! fork somewhere fast...damn fees are killing me here. Great job, had a nice laugh off that one

I think there will be one more from the series in the future regardless of what happens.

Awesome, I will look out for it. Yea the outcome of things is in the air but I have a feeling they will get it together at last minute lol...Bitcoin seems to work that way

lol, nice! When do you think BTC is going to fork?

Doesn't matter because at least one of those gazelles is going to get mauled to death.

haha very true. Hopefully they both don't take a huge hit

Yea. I hold both btc and eth so... me too

What happens if both survives in this wilderness. What are the odds?!?! Not saying that it WILL happens but letting my imagination wild :)

Holy CheETHa!

I'm really new to cryptos but I get this and it's actually really funny :D

haha cute, I forkin laughed

Lmao we need more of these asap

Love this post @mynameisbrian, thank you so much for taking the time to put it together! Hope your day is absolutely lovely!!

BTC and ETH looking hot right now!

Broadening of the support for cryptocurrency over multiple (different) tokens is not a bad thing.

Very witty Brian -- Nice work on the Crypto genius here man!

Have a good week man

Would love to see a comic about margin trading on's like free money, yippeee LOL

@mynameisbrian Awesome i like your post keep it up and in the future write more article like this post

It is not far that cheetha will have a feast!

Soon that cheetah will have two gazelles to eat :)

Haha! This was funny, thanks for sharing :) Followed for more!

I love comics! Keep it up.

Ok i'm dead!

It will happen to the shock of everyone .

1000's ETH flippening posts incoming 1....2....3.... :)

Laughing my bowels out, outstanding comic sire!

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