Algorand DeFi Ecosystem Receives a Significant Boost With Frontier

Algorand DeFi Ecosystem Receives a Significant Boost With Frontier

Frontier, the DeFi aggregation layer, has recently partnered with the first Pure Proof- of- stake blockchain platform Algorand. Their partnership has been fruitful in multiple ways, including creating a frictionless, borderless economy on public decentralized blockchain technology. Gradually Frontier will help in boosting Algorand's DeFi system in a better and faster way. Though there are various capable and attractive blockchain solutions available, Algorand is indeed the perfect platform for DeFi. It serves to be the world's first open-source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol made for the next generation of financial products.

How Frontier benefits from the Algorand partnership?

As a chain-agonistic DeFi aggregator mobile-first product, Frontier strives to bring forth a native experience for open finance users. The 250-Million ALGO Grants was implemented to encourage faster and seamless developer activity on its blockchain as well as support funding of other major projects. The ALGO grant will provide support to Frontier in the following ways,

  1. Native Staking Interface: Users can easily stake ALGO using Frontier tokens.
  2. Native Algorand Blockchain support: Storing, spending, and receiving ALGO tokens becomes seamless and safe using Frontier. 
  3. Algorand Connect with Trust Wallet: Connecting Trust wallet with the Frontier interface to track and stake ALGO tokens is seamless with the TxLink technology.

Why is Algorand the perfect DeFi platform?

The founders of Algorand, blockchain 3.0, ensured that they would overcome the blockchain trilemma problem that Ethereum caused for the DeFi ones. The blockchain trilemma is a theory that says that a blockchain can focus only on two out of scalability, security and decentralization. To ensure decentralization, one of these three should be kept on the verge of compromisation. Algorand has a flexible DeFi ecosystem and provides solutions for the blockchain trilemma through a consensus mechanism of Pure proof-of-Stake (PPoS). It is stake independent, with zero forking, and assures an equal chance of selection. Through its unique Pure Proof-of-Stake mechanics, Algorand can provide transaction finality in seconds. This is the major reason it strives to be the perfect DeFi platform among a plethora of other alternatives. 

Algorand provides all the necessary functionalities for DeFi applications and has already partnered with organizations like ISDA, Coinbase, and The Realio platform. With respect to EOS and Ethereum, Algorand offers a robust alternative to other platforms in the DeFi space.

Algorand - Solving the Trilemma

Algorand, which employs a Pure-Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, negates the blockchain trilemma that other crypto alternative platforms face. The trilemma's reason is the inability to attempt Decentralization, Scalability, and Security all at once, which eventually arises out of the consensus mechanism of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, that most blockchains use. Unlike others, Algorand employs a PPoS mechanism that is stake-independent and assures equal selection chance. 

Decentralization: The benefit of using a Pure proof-of-stake mechanism is that submitting blocks and voting are possible for all users with a coin and is not limited to a few. By decentralization, more individuals and companies tend to get multiple opportunities to make more revenue. 

Scalability: Algorand's innovative cryptographic self-selection technique allows a seamless validation of each block without having to have direct communication with each member. Algorand can achieve swift block times, which is usually in seconds, and transactions achieve finality by default, unlike Bitcoins, which require a 10-min block.

Security: It is known as the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality with zero forking and uncertainty. Rigging the consensus system is an almost impossible task as validators are chosen secretly from the network. 

Why Algorand over other DeFi platforms?

Algorand has multiple advantages that other alternative DeFi platforms fail to provide. These are some of the major advantages that make Algorand better than other platforms. 

1. Universal tokenization: The universality of Algorand makes it easier for blockchain users to tokenize assets in diverse fields. 

2. Forkless: A block once attached to the Algorand blockchain cannot be altered in the future, and each new block receives finality by default. The Pure Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism ensures zero future forking. 

3. Faster Medium of Exchange: Unlike Bitcoins and other blockchains. Algorand provides faster and easier block times, which makes it a preferred medium of exchange. 

4. Enterprise-grade Solution: The founders of the Algorand blockchain build the entire ecosystem with a vision to provide it as a universal DeFi platform. 

5. Breaks the Trilemma: The entire protocol is completely independent of each other, so it is highly scalable, secure, and practices proper decentralization. 

In addition to these benefits, the Algorand blockchain has many innovative features that eventually allow developers to create decentralized applications in languages like Java, Python, Javascript, and Go. Although started as a dark horse, Algorand has efficiently positioned itself to rule the blockchain space as an eligible DeFi platform with its ingenious cryptographic protocols. 

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