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Over the past half year I've been slowly getting more involved in the world of cryptocurrency. I was introduced to crypto and encouraged to learn about it by a friend I made when attending a job/project meeting last year. He calls himself koad (King Of All Data) online and he is the current lead developer for Canada eCoin (CDN). While Canada eCoin was created back on March 28th of 2014, it had been abandoned by the original developers when koad and the remaining community took it over in the summer of 2015. That's one of the beauties of cryptocurrencies - they can never really die as long as someone has a working copy of the wallet source code and the blockchain.

Canada eCoin is based on UnitedScryptCoin (USC) which was a short-lived 2013-2014 coin with merged mining capability, a first at the time. You may wonder why anybody would bother keeping an old coin alive and kicking when it has not brought any new innovations recently. Ultimately, it is not only the technological aspects of the smaller coins that keep them going, but the community behind them. In the case of Canada eCoin, it has a number of tech geek Canadians (as well as a few "outsiders") with an interest in cryptocurrency, who want to promote the growth of all cryptocurrencies, and who see CDN as an appropriate niche coin to experiment with and possibly grow in the future. It is always possible to migrate a coin and its blockchain to a newer technology. This may eventually happen with CDN.

Canada eCoin also has the benefit of being one of the original coins implemented on the Coinomi multi-currency mobile wallet. Be sure to check out https://coinomi.com as it is easily my favourite Android wallet. Unfortunately, an IOS version is not yet available at the time of this writing.

July 1st, 2017 will mark Canada's 150th birthday and you can be sure that the community leaders will be raining copious amounts of CDN to all members on the official Canada eCoin discord server that day. With the recently implemented CDN tipbot (made by koad), the free giveaways are already happening on a daily basis! Make sure to come join us if you are interested in helping support a Canadian cryptocurrency and maybe making some new friends as well! https://discord.gg/whZ8gB5

Website: https://www.canadaecoin.ca/
Total coins: 100,000,000 CDN
Algorithm: Scrypt Proof-Of-Work
Block time: 30 seconds
Exchanges: bleutrade.com, cryptopia.co.nz, novaexchange.com
Market History: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/canada-ecoin/

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March 28th, 2017 is Canada eCoins 3rd year birthday!

Have a few from back in the day and im holding until they are worth 1-million dollars each!

Go Canada eCoin!

thanks for the great post

Awesome currency and even more awesome team and community! I am thrilled to be apart of something that can really set a good example for other currencies!