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BRAVO began in 2014 and began to revolutionize the tipping and anonymous payment industry with their seamless mobile payment application. In 2017, BRAVO appeared on ABC's SharkTank and got an agreement with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner. Since then, they have gained a lot of traction with tens of thousands of users and millions of dollars in transactions. The BRAVO plan to achieve global impact and grow outside the United States is in the process of being realized, and moreover with the application of Blockchain and tokenization technologies to enable anonymous, safe and seamless transactions throughout the world; with minimal fees. BRAVO has a solution developed: Traction is proven with the Fiat version available since 2015 on the US market. In 2019 BRAVO will release an update to pay with Our cryptocurrency (BVO Token) allows instant, secure and anonymous payments throughout the BRA


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