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If you own a discord server and you want to empower your users to tip each other some smarts, then all you need to do is to add the smartcash tipbot to your server which will only require a couple of clicks! Click HERE and then the following screen will pop up. You may need to zoom back a bit in order to be able to see the full layout. Select your server and then press authorize. That's it! You're good to go now!!

Your users will then be able to tip each other in SmartCash.
How cool is that?! Join us on Discord!

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Looks like SmartCash tipbot is going to have a full-time job ;-)


Enjoying the 50% boost from last night?

I still haven't figured out how to get my two tips. I wish they were in Bittrex.

50% what? LOL

It spiked more than 50% last night. Currently up over 20% still.


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I didn't notice the 50% spike. It's still more than 50% down from its ATH!
My last analysis of the price failed so I'm trying not to comment on what I think is about to happen lest I be wrong again haha

Well, if I can figure it out with my two tips, I'll just hold on to them as they go from $1 to $10,000 in 7 years. LOL

Just did a 147% spike right after the North Korea missile launch.

Okay, I can't trust CoinGecko with SmartCash price. It keeps showing a spike and then disappearing.

coingecko before the update worked well, but now such problems arise... so I use a coinmarketcap

I just liked CoinGecko's Dashboard graphics. I do use Coinmarketcap for general checking of prices.

Hi @smartbot prefer yourself and your become pretty busy these coming days!

This is awesome I have a large gaming community that is starting to get involved in crypto and this will give them something to start with.

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