Coinbase Is making almost $2000 a minute!

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Which amounts to upwards of 2.7 million a day!


I personally use Coinbase and have since I started buying #cryptocurrencies. They were the first place everyone recommended to start and is very easy to use. I have considered their fees low but I admittedly only buy a small amount at a time.

When I realized that I wanted to buy coins that were not listed on Coinbase I turned to #KuCoin as the exchange to get those Alt coins. I now am aware of #GDAX and most likely I will use them because I live in the US & the fees are much lower if you already have a Coinbase account.

-Checkout this chart from the article that shows the exchange usage breakdown:


Kucoin was great but with all the regulation being batted around I feel like it is safer to use an exchange that is secure and is known by more people in my area.

With the popularity of cryptocurrency investing on the rise will #Coinbase dominate the market at least in North America?

I read this story on twitter and felt I needed to share it with our community here on @Steemit


Read the full article here: via Bitcoin News on Twitter @BTCTN

All pictures came from the article listed above and were not created by me.

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