Beginner Crypto Mining on a Macbook

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So for fun I decided to try to mine cryptocurrencies on with a regular (10 year old) MacBook. After about 5 days I’ve gotten about $0.01 worth of Monero LoL. I clicked the smart mining option which is what landed me on Monero.


I knew I wouldn’t make money doing it but I was curious to see what my results would be. I have seen some USB miners that look like a flash drive without plastic and a heat sink stuck on. Has anyone tried using 1 or 2 of those on a regular computer?


Is that MacBook still working? 🤣

Lol, it is still running like a champ. I learned how to code on it and it has been my daily work/school/fun Computer. I give it a 5-6 hour cool down time from mining everyday.

I now code on a PC laptop and I’m trying to get all things crypto on the Mac to keep it organized.

I personally don’t use Apple products to mine as they are not worth if you look in terms of profit. They are good for productivity, however mining probably the worst. I have tried mining on a iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro (all no older then 5 years) and the results are similar to yours.

I have a dedicated Asus Legion desktop with an i5 processor & nvidia 1060 3GB which will earns me about $3 USD per day if I were to run Minergate or NiceHash. However I’m using it to mine alternative coins hoping that one day they will be worth something.

Thanks for the tip, like you I wasn’t mining really to get a profit. I hooked up my Mac mini and Mac book but still have only gotten about $1 so far. I’ll look into the asus legion. What type of alt coins are you mining?

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