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Lix Platform is a game development accelerator and publishing house, with a blockchain that hosts an integrated crowdfunding system, p2p asset trading and impenetrable piracy protection system.
This is its first STEEMIT post and from here on i will share all news related to it here, as an official member of the Lix Platform team. Though my reports will be a touch more subjective - written from my perspective - than they are on other channels.

Topics covered:

  • Technical stuff and plans
  • Main appeal
  • Lix Platform economy

Personal supplement to the report:

While this is my personal STEEMIT account, i do not have the time to write any more essays on topics that indulge me, thus i have decided to use it for the needs of the Lix Platform. So i apologize to all my followers who read my posts for my insight on the topics, but i hope you will find my Lix and crypto reports equally interesting.
It has been well over 1 year now since i found STEEMIT and well over a year since i started trading cryptocurrencies. The letter was thanks to a well known writer here, who unfortunately does not write anymore (afaik). A few months after i started trading i went full time into crypto, and so far i have not regretted it.
Although i was doing well, financially, my engineering background did not let me rely on trading alone for my income, so i started looking around, helping people on any crypto task i could. Soon i was drafted into one team, then another.
Eventually the Lix Platform team drafted me and i found a place to stay. Not only do i love the idea of Lix Platform, but also the team itself. It consists of incredibly hard working and talented individuals (two traits one rarely finds together in people), and i was most surprised to find they were equally as kind and mannered.
I remain a professional trader - as it is my sole means of income - however majority of my time is now spent working for Lix Platform. And that is how it will remain for the foreseeable future.

Technical stuff and plans

As stated in the introduction, Lix Platform is a blockchain based business, intended for creating novel games.
It will operate on the Lix blockchain, which is a customized NEO clone. The main blockchain is already being tested and will soon be released to the public, however its development will be ongoing for the next 2-3 years.
The NEO blockchain was used as the baseline because it already contains smart contracts - which we need for P2P asset trading and for crowdfunding games - and because it has a tried and tested POS. In the following months and years it will be heavily modified and upgraded to accommodate all Lix Platform’s needs and features.
The first feature of Lix Platform is crowdfunding games, based on submitted ideas - like current ICOs work. To avoid scams, like the ones we have seen on some recent ICOs, the internal Lix Team will analyze all proposed games for doability and market validity. Also, all funds raised for the games’ development will be governed by smart contracts and supervised by the Lix Team to ensure the funds are truly used for development.
To make game development easier, Lix Platform will provide the game initiators with all the necessary personnel (programmers, designers, actors…). This will ensure transparency of fund usage AND top quality of the end product.
After a game will be developed, it will be deployed on the platform and tied into LIX blockchain. The letter will ensure the games are unhackable and that in-game assets cannot be stolen. This is is not just a perk, but a vital feature for our economy.
Just like the big gaming houses with AAA titles, we too know the importance of marketing. As an emerging company, brand awareness is even more vital for us, to achieve a widespread adoption. This is why we will devote nearly half of the ICO funds to massive marketing campaigns. Not just for the Lix Platform itself, but also for every game developed on it.
Having a large community will also greatly help us with this and give us an edge over the old, established gaming houses.

Main appeal

The biggest “feature” of all games built on Lix Platform will be P2P trading of in-game assets. This means that players will be able to sell their in-game items to other players. In effect this will allow gamers to earn real money by playing games.
While the idea of this is not new, so far gamers had to use third party markets or black markets to buy/sell in-game items. These third party markets took high fees and were often risky for the buyer and seller. With LIX native smart contracts the fees will be minimal and there will be no risk for either party.
The second big “feature” is that anyone with a great idea for a game will be able to realize it on the level of the biggest game production houses.
We have all seen how AAA titles in the recent years have become dull spin-offs of once great games. There are few new ideas and approaches nowadays; we will solve this by giving indie developers with fresh, brilliant ideas all the tools and personnel they could desire.

Lix Platform economy

Our platform will have several revenue streams. The first and foremost will be by taking a small percentage of all on-platform transactions. This means from all P2P in-game item buys/sells, subscriptions (to game initiators offers), special buys, etc.
This will bring the majority of Lix Platforms revenue, however only after it has gained a large enough user base.
Another revenue stream will be subscriptions to esports events organized by the Lix Platform.
The third venue will be the Lix physical shop which will sell gaming hardware.

If you like our idea, you can find out more details about Lix Platform in the links below.




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