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Want to invest in more than bitcoin but have no idea how to manage different coins effectively?
I've got you covered!
In this post I'm gonna give you an overview of the BEST altcoin wallets out there. I will be ranking them based on amount of different cryptocurrency supported, ease of use, and security.

Lets go!

5 - Cryptonator

Cryptonator is a web-based multicurrency wallet. It has a built in exchange for BTC, LTC, DOGE, PPC, DASH, XMR, ZEC and BLK. This wallet is easy to use but your private keys are not yours. The company has them for safekeeping, and technically has control over your funds. Cryptonator claims that they store 90% of their crypto in remote servers disconnected from the internet, and they use HTTPS and encrypt critical data with the SHA-256 algorithm. As long as cryptonator stays honest, your coins are safe.

Supported coins (10): BTC, BLK, DASH, DOGE, EM, LTC, PPC, XPM, XMR and ZEC
Wallet type: Web-based
Desktop: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Built in exchange: Yes
Safety: Moderate
Ease of use: Very easy
Open source: no
Website: https://www.cryptonator.com/

4 - Agama

Agama is a desktop multi-currency wallet in early beta, available for Mac, Windows and Linux made by Supernet.org. Agama offers native support for 12 different cryptocurrencies. You own your private keys with this program, but they are stored as a wallet.dat file on your computer and are not encrypted. This means you have to be vigilant while using this wallet, and it's probably the reason why they have this disclaimer on their website: "Agama Wallet is in early development phase, but already publicly available for testing. It is safe to use, but proper backups should be taken. We recommend you not to use it as a primarily wallet for your cryptocurrencies." I'm still listing it though, because even though they are early in development, they already support a good amount of coins, and their program looks really sleek. You can run the program in multiple modes. You can either download the blockchain of every coin that youre using, giving it fast and reliable performance, or you can run it in basilisk mode, where you don't download the blockchain, but the wallet is a bit slower. They have an exchange built in called EasyDEX, which is an exchange that utilises atomic swaps (user to user swaps). For an early beta this looks really promising, so keep an eye out for this one!

Supported coins (12): BTC, BTCD, BTM, CARBON, DGB, DOGE, FRK, GAME, KMD, LTC, UNO, ZEC and ZET.
Wallet type: Cold storage, no encryption
Desktop: Yes
Mobile: No
Built in exchange: Yes
Safety: Moderate
Ease of use: Easy
Open source: no
Website: https://supernet.org/en/products/agama-wallet

3 - Exodus

Exodus is a desktop multi-currency wallet. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux. The wallet is easy to use, you have control over the private keys, and exodus even encrypts them for you. Exodus has the shapeshift.io exchange built into the wallet, so that you can exchange your cryptocurrency with one click. Exodus also removes the need for a portfolio tracker, because they have live charts of your entire wallet. The wallet looks sleek and is really responsive. My only wish would be for them to add more cryptocurrencies, but it doesn't look like that is in their roadmap. On their website they explain that they are only interested in assets that are on shapeshift and are in the top 20 for market cap. This leaves out a very big amount of cryptocurrency with potential.

Supported coins (8): BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, DASH, GNT, REP, DCR
Wallet type: Cold storage, encrypted
Desktop: Yes
Mobile: No
Built in exchange: Yes
Safety: Good
Ease of use: Very easy
Open source: no
Website: https://www.exodus.io

2 - Jaxx

Jaxx is a multiplatform multicurrency wallet. The private keys are stored on your device. It has a beautiful UI, is really sleek and easy to use, and has shapeshift built in. What's great about Jaxx is that it supports every major platform. Desktop clients available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Mobile clients available for iOS and android, and hardware wallet support coming soon. Jaxx is completely open source, so you can check exactly what the application is doing. The jaxx team also is actively adding new coins and one of their missions is to "unite" cryptocurrency and offer a platform that is safe, easy to use and has wide support. It's already very good, but the team seems motivated to make this wallet take my number one spot.

Supported coins (12): BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH (not on iOS), ETC, REP, ZEC (not on iOS), DOGE, ICN, GNT, GNO, DGD
Wallet type: Cold storage, not encrypted
Desktop: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Built in exchange: Yes
Safety: Good
Ease of use: Very easy
Open source: Yes
Website: https://www.jaxx.io

...and the winner is...

1 - Coinomi

Coinomi is the absolute winner of altcoin wallets. Coinomi by far supports the most cryptocurrencies out of any wallet on this list. It has the shapeshift.io exchange built in and just works flawlessly. You get a clear overview of all your balances, and Coinomi combines this balance so you can see exactly how much your crypto is worth. Coinomi is open source, stores your private keys locally and encrypts them. This makes it a really safe wallet. They are big on privacy and their software is built around making sure that nobody can trace your transactions back to you. The only downside: Currently only available on android. They have announced that iOS and desktop clients are coming, though. Once theyre here, the other wallets will have a lot of work to do to catch up to Coinomi.

Wallet type: Cold storage, encrypted
Desktop: No - coming soon
Mobile: Yes - android only, iOS soon
Built in exchange: Yes
Safety: Very Good
Ease of use: Very easy
Open source: Yes
Website: https://coinomi.com

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Jaxx sends multiple transactions and outputs and weak keys do not trust

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Pretty much. Looking forward to more reviews on altcoins

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Am using Coinomi coz am usually on my phone. So far so good

I have Jaxx but may download Coinomi. You got yourself a folkower.

Can definitely recommed coinomi, such a great wallet. Thanks for the follow, I will keep posting content like this!

Good to know about Coinomi!! I use Exodus, but it would be great to have them come out with a mobile version. Im away from the desktop a lot, so im def going to get Coinomi. Thanks for info. ill be sure to follow and upvote, please do the same!

Got hacked 2 EXODUS wallets. Not saved at all. See below my post.

quality content, I follow.

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Why would you put JAXX - a hacked walled, with well know vulnerability and developer openly stating it should not be used for keeping anything but spare change on the list?

Is Jaxx really that bad? I would recommend only use it for spare change. Otherwise use a paper wallet or TREZOR .


Good List. It's been six months after the post. I was looking for a desktop wallet that supports many more alt coins. If you have any updates, that would be great!!

Nice one man. Check out my channel as well for more trading videos

I was just looking for this answer.
thank you for this information.

Just a heads-up, Coinomi is no longer open source. They're now "source-available" just like Jaxx. They haven't publicly uploaded the code behind their app in ages.

This is a great post on multi currency wallets! Im relatively familiar with some, Exodus (recently hacked, no major harm caused) and Jaxx are fairly known, but there may be a few hidden gems in here. I really like Coinami and Agama even though they are both still being developed (even tho your post is 7 mos old, still very relevant!) Im going to try Coinami because of the variety of coins, I own many. Im going to look into security more, that is my only concern. Any other feedback on these? Also I would have added Electrum because it supports BitCoin forks and airdrops, but that's the only currency, but also MyEthWallet, because it to is one of the only approved wallets for ERC-20 coin forks. Great post, Im following you for sure!

Hi, I've just written a piece on the top 5 crypto wallets - might be wort reading - https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@nzfxtrader/top-5-best-cryptocurrency-wallets

Great article! You answered a lot of questions for me!

Great post

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Exactly the info I was looking for.
I understand a personal cold storage device is always the best option for holding currency, but for anyone who's trading alt coins, it's best to have something convenient and versatile.

At first, I was looking into using Jaxx as my mobile wallet, and maybe I will in the future as you said, but it doesn't have the coins I need. You say Coinomi is secure, and THAT was my main concern.

Awesome post for a newb like me!

Very interesting article. Thanks.

Thank you for making this article. You've turned me on to Coinomi and Exodus. However you might want to look at Jaxx again. There is evidently a big security problem that they are not too interested in fixing. (Charlie Shrem has said he'd fix it, but his record does not invoke trust). At any rate, info people should know about. It's a shame too because I really enjoyed the user experience with Jaxx.


Amazing post, thanks for the info!!

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Errata (Please update your article)

1. Coinomi is no longer open source

Coinomi stopped publishing their source code with v 1.6.5 sometime before 1 August 2017.

Before that, on 6 November 2016, Coinomi changed their licence to prevent derivative works, and became
not open source according to the open source definition

2. Jaxx is not completely open source.

Clicking View Source Code on their website shows:

Jaxx's code is now available to view below. This is the full code (minus third party libraries) of our wallet's back end; it does not contain any UI elements.

Emphasis mine.

I've got hacked recently with my 2 EXODUS accounts. This multi-wallet is not saved at all especially due to:

  • No 2FA
  • No IP whitelist
  • No email confirmation for withdraw or any transaction.
    It very easy for hackers to clean your EXODUS wallet!!!

It's nearly impossible to get hacked (barring a computer virus) if you have at least a 20-character password using letters, numbers, special characters.

bitch you don't know wtf hackers can do -_-

Thanks vrry much. I was checking to see how well coinomi ranked as i have a growing amount of coin there. I was hoping not to discover i needed to change, do glad to read your opinion! Too late for me to upvote, but am following and if you reply here i'll upvote that.

WalletZ - The All in One Coin Balance Viewer ( either Public Wallets and Exchange Accounts ) https://www.walletz.cc a bit different.. The version doesn't create wallets, but helps you to track existing walllets in one place :)


thanks mrilevi - although few months old have taken advice to get started with coinomi.

I know that is post is 5 months old but sill helped me today :D

You need to put those options in order. I mean, why Coinami is at the bottom ?

Great info, thanks for putting it on here

Great info, I think I will try that cryptonator. It sounds nice.

Nice collection and i am new to Steemit and i am looking more from you dear.

I use exodus now and I'm pretty happy with it. I wish they'd add more currencies as well. I e-mailed them and they are going to add a few more in the future: Roadmap

I was going to use Jaxx instead but it was recently hacked so I decided against it. I wish I could use Coinomi! My friends all use it but I don't have an android.

The recent "hack" against jaxx was just users using the wallet on an unprotected network. The wallet file jaxx creates isn't encrypted, so when somebody gets access to that file, it's game over. Exodus does this much better, theyre just not completely open source, and have no mobile client. Thanks for your comment, if you like this kind of stuff, make sure to follow me man!

That is just not true. JAXX is by design (confirmed by dev) is to be used only for storing small amounts that you're ok to loose. Access to the wallet is wide open. No passwords, no encryption, nothing

Question about Exodus: If you have it on your desktop, what happens if your computer crashes or you need to bring it in for service/upgrades? I have an old macbook that needs a few upgrades, and the last thing I want to do is put coins on a desktop, and then have them compromised?

As long as you have your security code written down on paper (the string or random words), you can access your wallet.

Life saver! Great post.

nice content. followed you

Great article. I plan on checking out all of the above! Thank you.

It's awesome that the top result in a Google search is on Steemit :D

Very useful info, thank you! :)

Thank you, MriLevi. Nice review. But you forgot two aspects: 1) cost of transaction and 2) fiat.

On costs. I tried Exodus for my daughter giving her small amount to play around and it seems like a rip off: $15 worth of BCH swapped into anything else gives you $10-11 worth of that new altcoin. Maybe it is caused by Shapeshift fees but anyway Poloniex or Bittrex or Binance seem like a better solution for small but diversified portfolio.

On fiat. Cryptonator allows for fiat deposit in several currencies which is a big benefit for a beginner.

thanks for this article

i just wanted to move mycoins from electrum to another wallet but was not sure witch one so thanks to your post i desidet to try your Nr 1 :)

It never ceases to amaze and encourage me seeing how helpful the crypto community is to one another, thank you.

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Isn't it refreshing? It reminds me of reading some of Einstein's personal correspondence with other scientists in which he was always encouraging the sharing of ideas instead of hiding in secrecy with the intent to become notable once published.

So important to inform yourself about the possibilities and wallets you can own to save your crypto!

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets - https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@nzfxtrader/top-5-best-cryptocurrency-wallets

Thanks gonna check some of these out! :)

@mrilevi just a question - for wallets with .dat files if you delete the file. Can you still use the seed to recover the account as everything is stored on the blockchain?

Upvoted and followed! The best data I have read about wallets!

The best wallet I have found is this one:

Why did this guy get so little $$$??
This article is excellent!

I just checked back on this after 8 months of not using steemit. I got 170 upvotes and 1$. Don't understand it at all. Also, this is apparently a top result on google? damn.

Hi new to this so whenever you get follow me

Great overview! I am thinking about creating a steemit-post around the Trezor device; the more and more altcoins being introduced, their platform seems to keep up with the current trend. New member saying thanks for the great information!

Looking at Coinomi now and it seems they have an option for you to be a beta tester now if you want to try it on iOS.

Well put together this post. Hope you can keep it updated or post new versions.

Coinomi is far and above the rest.

I have a suggestion on NEP-5 wallet. Any of you heard of Aphelion Wallet? Aphelion desktop wallet comes with "Participate In ICO" feature. Asura Coin, a gaming platform on NEO, will be conducting their ICO on 2nd June 2018, is joining forces with Aphelion to come up with the simplest, fastest and safest way to send contributions.

Sometimes it's good to read something totally out of your comfort zone. I read this and had to Google a few terms! I recently did my first Steemit article on equity release. It's a great platform and I'm enjoying the diversity of content.

Never heard of the first two before and I've been testing multiple wallets for a while. Ended up a huge Lumi Wallet fan.

I'm curious where to you guys keep your BAT(Basic AttentioN Token)?

I found a nice list of 14 Hardware & Software (FREE) Crypto Wallets to store our multi crypto currencies.

A pretty details article it is!

Cryptonator is an online wallet for diverse cryptocurrencies that offers a built-in exchange feature with fastest transactions.

Check out here recent updates on Cryptonator