Are any of you miners out there? Let's see your pics and chat it up!

I'd like to start a dialogue with any other miners here on steemit. Figured pics could be shared and maybe we could follow each other and learn/share.

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  • This is my baby rig called BigOT

Currently I'm dual mining ethereum and decred, but sometimes mine zcash. As far as pools, I mine ethereum with and my decred with supernova. I like flypool a lot, but they are limited to bitcoin and I just use them when mining zcash. What pools do you use? How do you like them? The pools I listed above have all been great in my experience and I have no complaints.

The software I am using is Claymore and even though there are other good ones out there I have found Claymore to be the fastest even with the dev fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will do my best to reply.

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I mine ethereum. The video cards have become impossible to buy! No one has them, or if they have them, they are prohibitively expensive.

If you are in the USA, I have found that I can drop in to my local Fry's Electronics(if you have one close by) and get one at regular price(They don't really jack the price up). Now, they are not always in stock, but you can talk to the electronics people and ask them when they think it would be best to stop back by. Online buying....good luck and not going to happen unless you want to pay double.

Anyone else have some good buying tips?

What are you using and are you proffiting? I was thinking on building a rig

Running four cards at the moment. Using Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB cards because they are more affordable, decent performance for the price, and use a lot less power than the 1070 or 1080's. I'm using an AsRock H110 motherboard designed for running up to 13 cards, but if you are going to run Windows( I learned this later) you can only run 8 cards on it. So use the Asrock H80(I think that is what it is if on Windows) which can run 8 cards. Will be doing a Linux change on this rig later to expand the number of cards.

I profit every day if you think of it in terms that I am creating something. My rig mines about $8-10/day at today's depressed prices. So say $200-300 per month. However, once I get it up to 8 cards that will be double. I don't like to think in dollars though. I just think...I have created .01 ethereum every day or approximately .3 ethereum/month.

I highly recommend figuring out how to do it on Linux though because Windows is expensive and does some stupid things that is a pain to get around.

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