How do people earn money by uploading porn videos?

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 First of all, WARNING that most links in my answer are ADULT RELATED MATERIAL (18+). So please be aware of this.Most porn that is uploaded nowadays is just recycled from the various main tube sites. To do the porn uploading strategy all you have to do is go over to one of the large tube sites (xvideo, pornhub, youporn, voyeurboss etc) and make a profile so you can start downloading. Don’t worry, you don’t have to list your personal details. 

 Next step is to ‘brand’ the video. This can be done in most video software including windows movie maker. You want to add a caption. This is like a watermark on your video. It used to be that people doing this method would just use their domain for example and put that as the caption. Naughtychurch is just a simple whitelabel cam site that pays 20% commission when users buy tokens. 

 Now due to the popularity of this method (cause it works well) you might need to be a little more tricky. You can try making your video cut out just before the ‘good’ bit and say in your caption, “see the full video at” for example.This will provide incentive for the horny user to type your site URL into their search bar and visit your site. With most affiliate offers if the user signs up/starts spending then you will make money.I, and many other webmasters have been earning a good income just from this simple method. Please message me if you need any help with this.Note, this method also works with dating affiliates and other offers.