Superior mining tutorial

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Superior mining tutorial

Some of you may wonder, what is superior coin? Well, superior coin (short: SUPER) is a new coin launching in august with a special focus on anonymity. I don't want to get in the coins details because this is a mining tutorial but if you want to more about it go to their website (

Why do you want to mine SUPER?

The coin is not released yet thus its networks hashrate is pretty low. In addition, superior uses the cryptonight algorithm which favours any modern x86 cpu, so you don't need special hardware to succesfully compete with others. You can still do very good in a mining pool with a good office pc / gaming pc.

The coin is in his ICO just now. They're currently selling it for 0,027$ a piece (price is rising by 0,001$ from time to time). With my 5 yo gaming pc I roughly make 30-40 SUPER every hour, thats about 20-26$ a day at its current price.

However you have to consider one thing: this coin is not out yet, no exchange is offering it, so you can't sell it properly yet. I would hodl onto it anyway.

Okay let's do it!

1) Wallet


Just download and extract it. After that run SuperiorCoin.exe. Select your language, create a new wallet, save the seed and choose a strong password. On the 'receive' side you'll find your address.

2) Mining software

Basically, you can use any mining software which supports the cryptonight algorithm. I highly recommend a cpu miner, but you can also do both cpu and gpu. I chose:

Same thing, just extract it.

(Annotation: I did get a warning from my chrome that this file is malicous, your antivirus may say the same thing. If you don't trust my source, like I said, you can use any mining software supporting the cryptonight algorithm)

3) Mining pool

For all I know, there is only one pool out there: (You can get help to get started there, too)


4) Let's mine!

-> create a new textfile in your mining software folder

-> rename it to 'superiormining.bat' (only the file ending is important, it has to be a .bat file)

-> right click > edit

-> [your_miner_exe] -o stratum+tcp:// -u [your_wallet_address] -p x

    you may require additional or other parameters:

  • if your mining software supports more algorithms besides cryptonight: -a cryptonight
  • for dual / quad cores you can add: -t 4 (number of threads)
  • if you're having a lot of computational power you can use port 5555 or 7777 instead of 3333 (I'm using 3333)

-> full example: cpuminer.exe -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u [your_wallet_address] -p x -t 4

-> run the .bat file

Helpful links and tips

               cpuminer.exe --help


  • add pause at the end of your mining .bat file to read errors

If you liked my tutorial feel free to upvote, resteem and follow. Still have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

And as always: Lassats eu guat gau (enjoy yourselves)

Moxx a.k.a. Joe

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