The Decline of Golem and How to take Advantage of itsteemCreated with Sketch.

Golem has been in a decline over the past week. Confusion has settled in after the excitement of a new coin that basically helps people "rent" high computing power. I say take that confusion and take advantage of it. Don't follow the sheep. Get into golem as it drops to approximately 17,500 satoshis, and wait for the rise that is inevitable. This coin will not die. As of right now the coin is worth approximately $0.50 and I see no reason for it to drop below $0.35. In fact, I can see it breaking $1.00 or higher. To me, this seems like a golden opportunity to take advantage of temporary confusion in the market.

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I agree that there's a lot of confusion in the market. I can see how Golem could be useful. I'd like to rent out my computing power to something like Golem or Filecoin (for storage). Hard to decide what to buy right now.

I was ignoring my coins for the small dip but I may buy a bit more Golem. Thanks for the update.


Absolutely. I think you're making the right choice there. It has loads of potential.