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Today ill be posting the details of my first serious cryptocurrency investment. After lots of experimenting and researching I've found my method and I can't wait to share it with you all!

I'll be converting 30,000 yen into bitcoin via the bitcoin ATM available in Yokosuka Japan. Through that, I'll transfer my bitcoin balance from Coinbase to a wallet called exodus.

Through exodus, I'll be utilizing my investment fund by splitting it. Half of it will go towards Bitbay, and the other half will go towards burst coin.

The reason I chose these coins is because they are both very cheap and show a lot of potential. Both use a concept called smart contracts, and both are competing with major coins/companies. Burst is more ecofriendly than bitcoin and Bitbay is much cheaper to use versus eBay and amazon.

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Do at least 1000 yen. Transaction costs will eat up a small investment of 300 yen. I don't think you can even do that little.


Thanks for the heads up. I meant to put 30,000 yen. I'm still thinking in dollars after my trip home.


Alright. That makes more sense.