Ripple owns the majority of XRP, They Control The Supply and thus Price of XRP

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Ripple sounds like a good idea, the technology behind it is solid. However the only thing that has made me weary of investing is the amount of coins the creators still hold. Ripple was pre-mined and the creators have only release a portion of the coins to be publicly traded. They still hold over 50% of the coins in existence, maybe 60%

This means that 50% of XRP's market cap ($9,853,675,986) isn't in circulation, if it wasn't being held and was in circulation you could expect the price to approximately half. The reason they're holding onto so much is because they don't want the price to fall and cause everyone to jump ship as they see it sinking. They release a certain amount of coins each year to drip feed the supply and artificially inflate the price.

Risky investment but it has good use cases and Asian banks are backing it so I'm not really sure. I just rarely see people mention the fact that most of the XRP aren't actually in circulation. I don't really understand why Ripple is 3rd on coinmarketcap


Beware! When the banks begin to fail they will liquidate anything they can including Ripple. I would take a look at Bytecoin and Digibyte both of which are very cheap right now and look to make big gains when the next big push comes.

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