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What is eCredit? eCredit is a token that works on the WAVES platform (in other words, it is a WAVES token). The primary purpose of eCredit is to monetize website traffic in the form of banners. If you have a site or blog, you can earn eCredits by showing banner ads. All that is needed is to paste a simple HTML code. It is expected that advertisers will be able to show their offers on our platform soon too.

People who like to use free traffic exchanges may notice that many such sites also allow the inclusion of banners, and can therefore earn eCredits by showing ads in there too if they want.

If neither options above suits you, you can still earn eCredit by mining via the web browser.

The main eCredit site is

Earns around 2% weekly. Must have at least 300 ecredit coins!
Must Register Address Here To Claim Rewards :

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