Blockchain companies doesn’t need office.

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Our old thinking is that if a company is working then its office is available.Where is its register office.
we watch. Its VAT and GST number.We see that the company believes in the rules of government.


Which does not apply to all blockchain.Main purpose of Blockchain is decentralization and censorship resistance.
If the Blockchain based working project, No office is needed.This project will work well. Because project is open source.
Anyone can work with this project.Unless he has a working product.No office is needed.Upcoming future,every business will be like that only.They will be operating from the home and online.Many projects work with Blockchain.


If you are knowldge of Blockchain,crypto and other technical skill.There is no need to follow any regulation.
Just need an office for ico launch.Because the investor will trust the register office only.But blockchain based business is no need any office.Bitcoin has no office.First opened the office, then follow the regulation, office maintenance,wast the time in traffic and many other expense.
Whats your opinion about it let me know by commenting Below .

my crypto lover.

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Yep, blockchain is here to stay, the bigger question is how do we all profit from it....?

Blockchain is a future

its really true


my pleasure.
you upvote me in return dont say thanks.

this is very true, we must educate more people about it so that they respect our work more from home as it is the blockchain


yes, this is future of new business

Nice moneymakingguru, You've created a great post, I think blockchain will be a source of great earning in the future.

I really want to become blockchain expert


i am not expert . informative

True and good going !


very very thanks,sir