Leveraging a Successful ICO into an ICO Consultancy

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago 

Trade.io, offers a wide array of services for the cryptocurrency market, including an ICO consultancy program for those entrepenuers seeking to raise their own capital through an ICO.

Trade.io has taken what they learned in their own successful 2 month ICO which raised $31 million and are helping others achieve similar success with a comprehensive ICO consultancy program.

With 9 completed projects and 12 current projects, the Trade.io team with decades of experience understands the ICO process inside and out. From white paper and tokenomics reviews to marketing, community management and access to their own community and exchange, Trade.io is there from the beginning through the launch and beyond.

Watch the short video to get an overview of the services they offer and then head for their website to get the help you need in launching your own successful ICO.

With the expertise of their knowledgeable staff, their community connections and their understanding of the crypto market, Trade.io has raised over $100 million for their ICO clients. Even if you're not looking to launch your own ICO right now, check out their other services on their website. They truly are a better, smarter, faster crypto exchange.

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