Checking your EOS Airdrop tokens

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited) has the best info yet. It shows balance for EOSDAC, ADD, CETOS, EOX tokens. But, it doesn't list all tokens!

To see balance for other tokens, you'll have to dig in deeper with EOS block explorers. First you can find all transactions for your account from You can find transactions for the airdrops. But doesn't show much about the transaction. You'll have to search transaction hash from and you'll be able to see the raw transaction which shows how many tokens you got airdropped.




If you can compile or use "cleos" command line interface to EOS blockchain, you can check your balance using following shell script:


cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table eosadddddddd $ACCOUNT accounts # ADD
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table eosdactokens $ACCOUNT accounts # EOSDAC
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table gyztomjugage $ACCOUNT accounts # CETOS
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table eoxeoxeoxeox $ACCOUNT accounts # EOX
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table eosiochaince $ACCOUNT accounts # CET
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table eosatidiumio $ACCOUNT accounts # ATD
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table ednazztokens $ACCOUNT accounts # EDNA
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table therealkarma $ACCOUNT accounts # KARMA
cleos -u $API_END_POINT get table horustokenio $ACCOUNT accounts # HORUS

You can change API end points if it's slow. You can find more endpoints from

I received 7 EOS airdrops.

Please give feedback if you received other Airdrops or found better wallet/site to check all your EOS tokens.

UPDATE: and have been updated. You can see all your tokens from transactions now shows how much tokens you got from an airdrop.
There were two more airdrops. HORUS and KARMA.


Long time no chat Mix! I’ve been watching all this EOS hype from afar, wanting to get in on the action. Right now I am holding and not buying much, but, I feel like we are hitting close to bottom prices soon and will be ready to buy.

Painful watching your portfolio shrink so much. Bright future await us...!

Hi memsteemit! I've been traveling to Japan and was busy with a new hobby. I recently got into 3d printing, it is fun :) I didn't trade recently. I only have some buy orders in case EOS falls more. I'm watching EOS RAM prices closely but didn't get into the market.

Good to buy eos tokens?maybe if you could enlighten me

You can use "eos-voter" by greymass to transfer your tokens. But I'm not sure there are any exchanges that provide trading pairs for eos-based tokens.

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