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Today we are going to be talking about how Cryptocurrency could really revolutionise Youth Culture in the West and how this will then impact culture as a whole. Hopefully this article will lift your spirits and give you hope for the next generation, especially with all the bad stories about millennials constantly.

In an article by Forbes over 30% of Millennials would rather invest in cryptocurrency. You can read that here:

This is great news for crypto going forward, as younger people adopting the technology will spread it and bring it forward. I can only imagine that Generation Z etc will be even more receptive to crypto and spread the ideals of cryptocurrency even more.


Currently, what we see in youth culture everywhere, is instantaneity, attention and accessibility. On top of this young people are now more conscious than ever about controlling what they consume etc, for example TV shows instantly with streaming services. They can also control what other people consume about them, their image on social media has become a huge interest for many adolescents. They are of the mindset that if you tell them they can't do something or can't go somewhere they'll ask why not? And this is a good thing for the future, we need people who always push the boundaries of what's possible.

When they start to enter the world and work or earn money, they'll ask why. Why don't they have access to their money instantly, or the ability to send to their mates across the world quickly and cheaply? Why don't they have full control of their own finances, why do banks and governments control the value of their money with inflation? Why can't they order directly from the manufacturer, removing the costs and ambiguity of the middle man?

These are all questions they'll ask as they get older and inevitably move them onto the immediacy and power of blockchain technology, along with cryptocurrencies. Digital money that's quick and easy along with decentralised will give them financial independence. Companies like Power Ledger and INS Ecosystem will give them the ability to source directly from manufacturers. This will revolutionise their world in several ways, and thus the whole of culture itself.



This will give them independence from financial institutions from a young age, and potentially parents, meaning they can be fiscally free and responsible. This could occur at such a young age that this could breed a generation that are financially responsible, and literate. As cryptos are also investments this could be an in into investing for many young people, further adding to their freedom from banks as stores of money.



They will gain the ability to source things much cheaper than now and bring this forward into the future, always looking for deals and direct from manufacturers, making retailers something of an oddity. If they truly embrace this, costs could be saved across the whole economy and make the generation one's with an eye for deals.



Their idea that everything should be accessible, and accessible now will surely lead to huge improvements in technology in the future. Technologies which cut out waiting or dead time and speed up processes across the world. This idea could come from their adoption of crypto and the idea that money doesn't have to transfer slowly and be held back by borders. Crypto brings about this way of thinking, that goods and services are global and can be sourced cheaply from halfway across the world.


Online education.jpg

Cryptos will be an education process for many young people, as an investment and as a technology. This will surely lead to huge development of tech in the future, especially where time is concerned. On top of this; fiscal and investment education will be a baptism by fire. The crypto market moves extremely quickly and therefore when successful people move from crypto to stocks or real estate investing they'll be surprised by how slow the market and is and should kill it. This could be the most powerful tool crypto will give them.

In conclusion, youth culture will be heavily influenced by the crypto space, and this will carry on over to when they are adults. The instantaneous nature, and independence the blockchain gives will revolutionise how they see money and could lead to huge shifts in the social space. These shifts will mainly be in favour of the consumer and investor, not big banks or governments. On top of this, technology will be brought forward by the expectation for instant accessibility brought by cryptocurrency, and this will change the world in so many ways we cannot fathom right now. Overall, crypto and blockchain could prove to be a social phenomenon.

That's all for today guys. Hope you enjoyed! Hit up my social links below, and the article on how Crypto can save the unbanked population of the world.


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