Official Electroneum Update On Upcoming Fork

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

Electroneum forking update! The last few days have seen rises in Electroneum, as it has also seen rises with Bitcoin. Bitcoin, most have agreed, is here to stay- so that bodes well for any of the established coins with strong use cases, communities, and patents (wink wink)!! That is just my opinion, anyways.

As always, if you are interested in Electroneum and mining it for free on your phone- you can enter in my code for extra Electroneum for every coin you mine with the simulated mining app! I am not advising you to invest and am not a financial advisor, but I do love Electroneum! :)



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Payout is working fine. Keep it up electroneum IMG_20180425_221144.jpg


I haven't got mine yet from the mining pool on the phone since they paused it, but the total is there adding up until they complete the changes. Its good to see the transactions are going thru again!