LTC - Reload zone reached

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

Hello Steemians,

We have reached the Reload zone for LTC. An image always speaks better than words.

As you can see, we have successfully reached the 0.618 retracement which seems to be a perfect re-entry time. Personally, I re-entered there after selling at 80-82$

Most of you know how strong is LTC, how strong are the fundamentals and the use-cases. To me, LTC is one of the most solid crypto.

Moreover, I believe we are not far from the end of the bear period/FUD that thouches the cryptoworld since the beginning of this month. We have had a stronger 2nd correction wave, which is totally normal. This correction was due and I was prepared for this.

Let me know in the comments what you would like me to cover in the next articles.

I could cover the fundamentals of a specific crypto or share with more details on my analysis. Just let me know :)

Have a great evening,



Thanks for the information