MinnowSmith payout for 2018-7-3: 0.156$

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Payouts for 2018-7-3


Below you can see the payouts that were made for the submitted hashes! Thanks everyone for contributing to this new project; I really appreciate your feedback.

#NameHashes withdrawnRatio (H/0.001$)Payout amount
1@mytechtrail123250002125000.058 SBD
2@puskas51000002125000.024 SBD
3@nateonsteemit38250002125000.018 SBD
4@richardtaylor33250002375000.014 SBD
5@ronaldoavelino24750002250000.011 SBD
6@wizardave22500002250000.010 SBD
7@philippekiene11875002375000.005 SBD
8@mumma-monza9500002375000.004 SBD
9@modernzorker9000002250000.004 SBD
10@sames4750002375000.002 SBD
11@vaitelavicius4500002250000.002 SBD
12@bryan-imhoff2250002250000.001 SBD
13@paganlord2250002250000.001 SBD
14@flemingfarm2125002125000.001 SBD
15@gattino2125002125000.001 SBD

Total payout today: 0.156 $

Todays pick for @steembasicincome: @bryan-imhoff

Development Changes:

  • I will randomly upvote posts of active users daily (9 posts with 100%)

Development Roadmap

  • [x] Daily payout to miners with treshold set to 0.001$
  • [x] Add 5% bonus for users who follow @spotted | @minnowsmith
  • [x] Include daily List of Top miners
  • [x] Submit a daily post with top miners and payout
  • [x] Create Tiers, so active users generally get a higher payout value
  • [x] Add 5% bonus for users who upvote the daily payout post
  • [x] Setup SteemAuto curation trail
  • [x] Add a suggested pick of a minnow to mine for at the homepage
  • [x] Check the name input field before start that it is a valid steemit username
  • [x] Give extra upvotes for top miners daily
  • [ ] Create a referrer-system to get additional payout
  • [ ] Get conversion rate for hashes -> SBD dynamically based on network difficulty
  • [ ] Add current payout rate to the user on the website
  • [ ] Find a designer for a logo and post graphics to provide more quality posts
  • [ ] Find a sponsor for the SBI program and/or for a placeholder slot in payout post/website


A big thank you to @arcange for sponsoring my @steemsql account! I will use it to implement my automatic random votes to the active users of this project. :)
You should consider voting for him as a steem witness here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Earn some SBD by mining right in your browser at: MinnowSmith

PS: Always upvote the payout posts to get 5% bonus on your next payout.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello i gave you an upvote dont forget to follow me for future upvotes & i always follow back

Yesterday I asked you: A question: I follow @spotted and @minnowsmith and I upvoted yesterday's daily payout post. Why did I receive only 5% bonus?
I received no answer. Today the same thing happened again.


Sorry for my late response, your are just once getting 5% for following either spotted or me. Because I was creating a stand-alone account for this project after announcing it with spotted. so in best case you just need to follow minnowsmith. :)



And this: [x] Add 5% bonus for users who upvote the daily payout post. Since I started "mining" I have been upvoting the daily payout post...


So 5% from upcoming the daily post and 5% for following me = 10%. you have a rate of 225000. so that’s right?

when do you think referrals will be in? and how will they work?

Good project. Have you consider to sell advirtise at the homepage . The money you get you can send to the users or give out in a lottery.


Actually I already have ads on the homepage, but it's not so benefitial for now, I need to have some click, so maybe everytime the user presses "start" I will generate a click.


You can rent out the advertise to people at steemit. I think that will give you more.
" pay 10 steem for 30 days " 3 of thoose and you have 30 steem every 30 days. People who is intressed in your service are intressed in steemit.

I would also love a box "common used usernamn" so I do not have to write my name everytime I start.


Hey @minimining,

you can bookmark this: https://minnowsmith.party?author=minimining and you don‘t need to retype it. :)