MinnowSmith payout for 2018-6-28: 0.244$

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

Payouts for 2018-6-28


Below you can see the payouts that were made for the submitted hashes! Thanks everyone for contributing to this new project; I really appreciate your feedback.

#NameHashes withdrawnRatio (H/0.001$)Payout amount
1@mytechtrail108000002250000.048 SBD
2@puskas76500002125000.036 SBD
3@gattino68000002125000.032 SBD
4@fitzgibbon42750002250000.019 SBD
5@flemingfarm42500002125000.020 SBD
6@bryan-imhoff31500002250000.014 SBD
7@angry0historian28500002375000.012 SBD
8@blewitt21250002125000.010 SBD
9@panda.bear17500002500000.007 SBD
10@richardtaylor15000002500000.006 SBD
11@ericburgoyne14250002375000.006 SBD
12@ikar5914250002375000.006 SBD
13@chris.geese11250002250000.005 SBD
14@yasu2411250002250000.005 SBD
15@kd888889000002250000.004 SBD
16@nateonsteemit9000002250000.004 SBD
17@lightningjohn7125002375000.003 SBD
18@cranium4750002375000.002 SBD
19@kriptonik4750002375000.002 SBD
20@detlef-s2500002500000.001 SBD
21@parijs2375002375000.001 SBD
22@sames2375002375000.001 SBD

Total payout today: 0.244 $

Todays pick for @steembasicincome: @nateonsteemit

Development Changes:

  • I added a validation step: When you press "start" I'll check if the provided name is a valid steem account name to prevent mining for invalid accounts
  • You can now share a link with your name prefilled like so: https://minnowsmith.party?author=fel1xw (then the form will be prefilled)

Development Roadmap

  • [x] Daily payout to miners with treshold set to 0.001$
  • [x] Add 5% bonus for users who follow @spotted | @minnowsmith
  • [x] Include daily List of Top miners
  • [x] Submit a daily post with top miners and payout
  • [x] Create Tiers, so active users generally get a higher payout value
  • [x] Add 5% bonus for users who upvote the daily payout post
  • [x] Setup SteemAuto curation trail
  • [x] Add a suggested pick of a minnow to mine for at the homepage
  • [x] Check the name input field before start that it is a valid steemit username
  • [ ] Give extra upvotes for top miners daily
  • [ ] Create a referrer-system to get additional payout
  • [ ] Get conversion rate for hashes -> SBD dynamically based on network difficulty
  • [ ] Add current payout rate to the user on the website
  • [ ] Find a designer for a logo and post graphics to provide more quality posts

Earn some SBD by mining right in your browser at: MinnowSmith

PS: Always upvote the payout posts to get 5% bonus on your next payout.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Heck yeah, thanks for the SBI share!

It would be cool to add another column to the list to include total combined earnings.


Great idea! Would be neat to look back on over time and see who’s been kicking ass here!


You're welcome @nateonsteemit,

you deserve it! :)

Thanks for the idea, I'll think about this. But there are more things to come the next days/weeks. So stay tuned.

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.