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There’s a few services on the Internet that allow to mine coins directly in the web browser. One simply opens the web page and the mining starts. Easy and simple – but the profitability is questionable. I have tested Coinwebmining.

In this post I am going to talk about:

  • How it works
  • How to get started with Coinwebmining
  • How to increase earnings
  • How much one earns from Coinwebmining.

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How does Coinwebmining work?

Coinwebmining offer a service where JavaScript is used to mine different cryptocurrencies in the web browser. There are two alternatives there:

Via the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill-in your public address. Choose between Monero, Electroneum, Sumocoin, Graft, Dero, Bytecoin, IntenseCoin or Dinastycoin.
  3. Choose a mining pool.
  4. Password can be simply X.
  5. Choose Threads. The easiest it to choose “AutoDetect’, but to maximize the earnings it’s better to increase the number of Threads.
  6. Click on “Start Mining”.

When the mining is active, you will see this picture:

Click on the link to see your earnings. You will be redirected to . Click on Dashboard. In the bottom of the page you can paste the address where the earnings are directed and you will see how much you are earning. This way you don’t need to create an account and log in. When you got a certain amount of the cryptocurrency you’re mining (for example for Monero the threshold is 0.3 XMR), it will be paid out to the address you indicated.

Via your own website

You can also past some code into your own website, so that the mining will be running in the web browser of your vwebsite’s visitors, when they are on your page. Thus it’s necessary that you get many visitors who spend enough time on your page for it to be profitable.

Increase the earnings

  1. Try different coins
    Different cryptocurrencies have different mining profitability. It depends partly on their value and partly on how many people are mining it and thus “compete” with you.

  2. Increase the number of Threads

By increasing the number of Threads you will get a higher hashrate, which leads to higher earnings.

  1. Let the mining go 24/7

The computer can slow down, when mining is active. Especially the web browser and if you have a high number of Threads. Increase the number in the night time and decrease it, when you need to work on your computer – but let the mining go all the time.

How much does one earn with Coinwebmining?

I’ve only tested mining Monero. It went for 14 hours. My earnings for that time period were 0.000017 XMR. AutoDetect chose 4 Threads, but since I wasn’t using the computer at that time, I increased it to 15.

If I were mining 7 days a week (in the evenings and in the nights) for 14 hours a day, I would earn 0.000119 XMR, which is around USD $0.01. So not even a dime per month.

If anyone has tested this service and got different results, please share in the comments. It was interesting to test and I will definitely test it with other coins – Monero doesn’t seems to work out.

Compare with mining Electroneum (about USD $3/month) and JSEcoin (about USD $15/month).

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Although most browser miners can't access your GPU; with the right CPU, like an AMD Ryzen you can potentially mine a profitable amount of Monero $XMR with your browser.

Monero mining difficulty is very low, that also helps!

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Thanks ! You have written a good article - thanks for sharing it.
I have to see if I can get better result after my holiday

hi, I tried to make this script run on one of my website, but i still get this warning on my browsers:
WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.
stopMining @ miner.js:1
startMining @ miner.js:1
cwm_v7 @ cwm.js:1
load (async)
loadScript @ cwm.js:1
cwm_start @ cwm.js:1
(anonymous) @ startmine.html:39

I have never used coinwebmining at that way. I think it give me to less money. I use JSEcoin instead