Staking Tron, EOS, IOST, and ATOM Automatically with KuCoin

How to Stake TRON, EOS, IOST, and ATOM automatically with Kucoin?

Kucoin Now Supports Automatic Staking of
IOST, ATOM (COSMOS), EOS, and TRON. Per the announcements below, rewards will be calculated starting July 4th paid the following day through the rewards tab of your main account. This is an amazing development! All you have to do is sign-up with KuCoin, transfer-in or buy any of these currencies and delegated PoS rewards are curated for you automatically.

The table below shows the latest Staking rewards payouts for each currency per 7/1/2019


For More See KuCoin's updates on Soft Staking
ATOM Soft Staking
TRX Soft Staking
EOS Soft Staking
IOST Soft Staking


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