Where Do You Buy Your BTC/ETH/LTC?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

I haven't been in the crypto game very long, but I've been in long enough to realize it might be time to leave Coinbase. What sites do my fellow Steemians trust?

Me leaving Coinbase // image compliments of paychex.com

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Im using virwox because they accept paypal. About 8 to 10% fee but really fast to buy and fast to sell bitcoins. Instant paypal withdrawal when you sell your bitcoin.


Right on. Thanks!

coinbase here


Yea. I should probably reposition myself a bit... I like coinbase most of the time. They just seem to having problems as of late when experiencing high volume. Today they crashed and were down for three(ish) hours — right in the middle of a ETH plummet. Wondering if there is a site out there that's a little more reliable when the market is experiencing big changes.

Try out QuadrigaCX


Right on. I'll check it out. Thanks! 😃