Travel Industry and BlockChain


Mile is started with blockchain technology.With blockchain, Mile can get security and safety, because all transactions are recorded and the recorded data cannot be changed or modified.

There are over 100,000 flights worldwide made daily, serving over 2 million people.

The coins are immediately converted into cash and can be exchanged with other coins and used for the payment method.

If you go on a trip, you will need to pay a ticket or pay a hotel fee. The fee is free when you pay with MILE. You can also make payments at partner airport facilities.


“Blockchain technology has the potential to shake up the travel industry by giving airlines and hotels a way to bypass controlling intermediaries like” -BERLIN(Reuters)

Major players including Lufthansa (:LHAG.DE) and citizenM hotels are partnering with startups and talking to large corporate clients about whether they can do group bookings via blockchain instead of using middlemen, who charge up to 25 percent of ticket or room prices in fees.

Blockchain, which functions as an online record-keeping system maintained by a group of peers rather than a central agency or authority, also offers new business opportunities in tracking bags and flight delays.

Because transaction data is openly available and not controlled by any one party, blockchain offers an opportunity to build new platforms that can connect travel providers and customers more directly and replace decades-old technology.

“We see a lot of business potential from the very nature of blockchain being decentralized by construction, removing the middleman by design. That looks very fruitful potentially,” Xavier Lagardere, head of distribution at Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines told Reuters.

The travel industry joins financial, mining, energy trading firms and others in looking at the potential for blockchain technology when it comes to simplifying processes, cutting out middlemen or tracking goods.

It allows airlines and hotels to publish available inventory to customers without needing systems that aggregate data on flights and rooms, and could therefore allow them to avoid the fees they currently pay for the use of such systems.

Mile Block Chain System allows you to travel more quickly and conveniently than ever.

Mile Coin's 2nd ICO is now on sale.

You need personal wallet to join Mile ICO

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