How to use the Mile Coin

There is additional benefits and services for business travelers. Being on-time is the most important thing in the business trip. Mile business service sector can bring users to achieve their goal to management travel, meetings and various events like conventions and conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

For business trip, Mile approach users with different way. For example, choosing an expensive but centrally located hotel is sometimes better than staying in a cheaper but far from the meeting cite.

Mile platform will help users to find right one through personalized searching system.

It will includes finding flexible flight ticket that can be cancelled or changed according to the business schedule instead of finding the most cheapest flight. For users who plan incentive trips to their staffs, there is service to plan and manage group tour more cheaper and efficient way through Mile platform.

Mile offers Peer-to-Peer remaining currency(the small amount of foreign coins and notes at the end of visiting foreign countries) exchange service for travelers.

There will be MILE booths in the every single airport in the future.

Users can deposit their remaining currencies in airport MILE booth and exchange that currencies with other travelers by MILE app.

They can converted them into the various currencies that Mile platform offers including bitcoin.

In MILE booth, users can withdraw their converted currency immediately and spend in the airport shops.

Instead of dumping it at home or exchanging at high discount to market rate, users can convert their currency better through Mile platform.

※ Mile Coin's 4th ICO is now on sale. You need personal wallet to join Mile ICO

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