Amsterdam’s International Airport Provides ATM to Change Fiat Money For Cryptocurrency

Schiphol, the Amsterdam airport, is installing an ATM to let travelers change euros for digital coins

The machine is being installed in the departures sector of the airport so that those who are leaving can change their euros for two of the most popular coins– BTC and ETH.

The ATM was created via a partnership with the local software company ByeleX and the “crypto machine” is currently going through a half-a-year long trial period to see if it will be popular enough with travelers.

According to the airport management, by installing this ATM they want to provide passengers with a beneficial feature by letting them easily exchange the leftover of their euros for virtual money.

The recent trend

It is not only Schiphol in Amsterdam that is beginning to implement cryptos. This is a real recent trend, and international airports in other countries are also grabbing this idea which can be beneficial for their clients.

One of the other airports to embrace this is Brisbane in Australia, which has also announced an intention to create a crypto payment option for the passengers wishing to make retail purchases at the airport terminal.


New ATM adds to Amsterdam’s reputation

The capital of the Netherlands is known to be one of the world’s leading crypto hubs. A lot of conferences, meetups and other events take place here on an annual basis.

There are also Blockchain courses in this city. Therefore, the new ATM should come in handy and be in a great demand.

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