$1800 bounty for Monero android lightwallet

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Organizer: [email protected] , /u/riiume

Goal: To create a Monero light wallet for Android.

Reward: 36.44XMR (~$1827 as of this writing).

Audit the reward account using the viewkey: 7e44c128c2c97a3a8aab9f1f86e58a77154dc90be13a590280a96e57d0943901

how to audit:

Requirements to claim reward:

  • Open Source
  • Generate/restore wallet from seed
  • All private keys stored locally
  • Send/Receive capability, with Payment ID supported at least for sends.
  • Must use remote node (blockchain cannot be stored on a smart phone).
  • Clean, fast UX
  • Scan addresses through QR

Contribute to the reward fund:

XMR address (which you can verify from the viewkey): 499913w5rKu86JiHBraNm6CUwohwWLE1FBoK759HzoinesCBADXciwqeKAxyJ6rSh7czriWPmLdYdHgT6LTACVXhFuKqSvC

Signed message from address private key

I, /u/riiume ([email protected]) (@mikasa), initiated this bounty to support development of an XMR android wallet.



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