MQTCrypto Beta Site Launch

Beta_Site_Launch (1).jpg

We have recently decided to launch the beta variation of our website, this means that the site will start adding some stuff in and undergoing some major changes. This includes:

Mining System

Latest blocks.PNG

The mining pool is currently in beta and we are using the P2P  protocol. Right now we are synchronizing with Dash so some people may have some difficulty mining during the segwit update. This is expected to effect the entire network. People can connect to our stratum via: or visit the pool. Keep in mind that this isn't the full release of the Quantum miner beta we plan on releasing which includes different hardware as well as much more advanced software integrated in the backend that will have our hash protocols. This is just for a sense of feel and user experience for now.

Payment System


We got this template in PHP so we can change the entire frontend and user experience in it, as well integrate features we want in the backend. For CrowdCoin and the transaction system we are working on creating, this will play a major role in that.

Other News:

A small T-Shirt creator have been added for merch. We have been doing updates on social media constantly as well as plan on finishing up the ICO on December 15th. We been using Escrow and plan on building what we envision for the cryptocurrency community and continuing to innovate until 2018 and beyond.

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