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Use these two sites to start earning free cryptocurrency. Totally FREE.
The mission is to mine DOGECOIN which has seen a 1000+% increase since last year.


What this means is $100 worth of DOGE in 2016 would be worth $1000 today, roughly. Daily we see increases in the amount of crypto especially bitcoin and you might be worried that you are being left behind, fear not. This is a clever little way to place a foot in the door.
Create an account and claim FREE DOGECOIN here using RobotCoin:


🤖Start Mining on RobotCoin 🤖

After creating an account using the link above, go to “Products” and click “Faucet” and make your claim. You will be credited with a small amount of Dogecoin or whichever currency you have selected.


Then go to the end of the page and click “exchange”


Exchange your Dogecoin for Cloud SHA-256. This is the cloud mining power you will need to start mining coins.
Repeat this process daily as you mine more coins and continue building up your hashing power.

The same process works for the Eobot website which I have the linked right here below:


🤖Start Mining with Eobot 🤖

Now remember, these miners aren't anything that will make you rich over night. I just wish to share this tactic with others like myself who are new to cryptocurrencies and mining. So with that said, if you have any tactics of your own that you wish to share I would greatly appreciate it! Peace...

Happy Mining! ⛏

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i should really go and try out this 2 sites, because we are so use to using btc to buy other coins in bittrex. do they offer others too besides dodge? Let me know the updates because I'm not sure about this cloud mining site, i heard the only reputable one is Genesis

Yeah there are a wide selection of coins available. All the most popular ones are there. Just using Doge because it is easy to mine. I don't really know why these sites aren't as popular as Genesis, but I can tell you from experience that they work. Just takes awhile to build up your Hash power if you're starting from scratch...

eobot rule!