Craigslist NOW Listing CryptoCurrency Sellers! - What MASS ADOPTION Looks Like.

Jaimie and I have been discussing getting another vehicle. Right now we have a pickup truck that is more like a farm truck and we need more of a family vehicle. Recently I went to speak at a conference and someone had to take much of our Homestead products that we sell at conferences because they just wouldn't fit in the truck. So we are looking for a more family friendly SUV type vehicle with more space when we travel.

When we find that perfect SUV, we will obviously be paying in crypto. As I was scrolling through craigslist and checking out all the listings, I clicked on the search options to get rid of all the irritating dealer listings. AND THEN I SAW IT!


And sure enough when you google it, you find that Craiglist has since last month in December, started giving payments in cryptocurrency as an option for sellers who will accept bitcoin or some other crypto payment! No announcement was officially given that I could find but there it is!

This is just another example of mass adoption among the public concerning the use of crypto-currencies.


Anyway, what is a good off road SUV that won't rattle apart on dirt roads? Those Toyota FJ's look pretty nice. Maybe I'll cash in my IOTA. Tell me what you think!

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Subaru is coming out with a new SUV called the Ascent in 2019. If a wagon would suit your purposes as well as an SUV then I highly recommend the Outback—I absolutely love my 2011 Outback, it’s been so reliable and useful! My midwife called Subaru’s the “state car of WV” ;-) due to the AWD they are a popular choice!

I’ve sworn I will never get rid of my beloved Outback, but now that I have two kids, the 3rd row prospect on the Ascent is a huge temptation.

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"Hello! I'm @shadow3scalpel and with the help of my protege, @chairborne, we are actively assisting veterans, retirees and active servicemen and women here on Steemit. We feel it is our 'duty' to support each other. Any questions or comments you may have, simply respond to this comment, thank you!"
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This is great to see @shadow3scalpel and @chairborne. I'm a combat veteran currently focusing my writing endeavors on the curative powers of psychedelics for PTSD, depression and anxiety. Seems a little more difficult to find a veteran community here (but, I'm still learning the ropes of this digital-sphere.) Just trying to spread the word that there are alternatives! Not only for vets, but for anyone dealing with heavy issues.

I hope you find the perfect vehicle for your family.

I have owned a few 4runners. They are by far the best SUV I have ever owned.

An FJ Cruiser? No way! Got a 4Runner if you want a Toyota SUV. If I was buying an SUV it would be a 2012 or newer Dodge Durango. Subaru makes some pretty reliable vehicles too and their cars have good ground clearance.


Too many dodges have tranny problems. I see all these dodge listings that say has new transmission.

Something in a quad cab is nice and still has a small bed to boot. You can't beat Toyota though. I sure wish Subaru marketed a truck here.

Wow now that is super to know! Wonder what the next level will be in mass adoption of the crypto?

Ok this is really interesting news but oddly enough I personally see this as partially mainstream. That is to say as big as Craigslist is I still think it would take a certain kind of person to use it for cryptocurrency trade. To me it represents one more signal of what is to come. A BTC ETF is even more mainstream IMHO. Beyond that it's when coins other than BTC start getting listed for futures trading, ETF, Craigslist etc that we really are mainstream. Think how many coins are now on the market and the general public still almost refers to Bitcoin exclusively. Thanks for posting!

the Big Man says go old school. 60-70s when all interior parts were metal (door panels and headliners). Might not look or ride the best, but will hold up to all the abuse you can throw at it. Plus you can work on them (carbs and ignition)


Well, that is kind of the truck I have now. But we want something that is going to be reliable when we drive 8 or 10 hours away. I'll keep the truck for around town and for the homestead but I need something that is going to be reliable long distance and also has more space.


Well then it depends on your personal budgets and preferences. Fords ecoboost will need turbos around 100,000 miles. Dodges have the death wobble. And Chevy have motor problems with the cylinder deactivation programing (which can be solved by a tuner). Not really up to date on other brands

We traded in our Jeep for a Nissan Xterra. We live on rough, unimproved dirt roads and the Xterra tackles the terrain with ease. No rattling parts. Xterras were rated higher than Jeep and up there with the FJ. A common theme we saw with Xterras was that owners routinely put 2-300,000 miles on them, only to trade them in for a newer one! But, they did recently stop producing them, so, there's that...

THE FJ's are small. We just got a highlander .. if you want a rugged Yota..the 4runner is the best bet. It's got good room, ground clearance,and the older models are usually priced reasonably.

well its more good that they deal in cryptocurrency..but they accept crypto for sale thier veichles?
hope u get a wonder and good family veichle best wishes for you @mericanhomestead

Wow, are you going to buy a new vehicle with crypto? That would be amazing! I just bought 12 oz silver using STEEM.

Looking forward to melting this down some day. Exodus 20:4

We are slowly but surely moving away from fiat currencies. Thank goodness!