Bittrex phishing scam Blttrex

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Be very careful when logging onto Bittrex. I tried doing so on my phone; the top link that pops up on google will direct you to Blttrex which in small print on an iPhone looks the same. The site is identical in looks... but when you put in your logon info; it says please wait "the site is undergoing routine maintenance; may last up to 5 minutes." A graphic is going in circles which looks as if it really is processing info.

Ok fair enough... but then it shows a pop up window and asks to verify my email via gmail. Asks for my email and password ... which looks exactly like google verifying. But ive logged onto bittrex hundreds of times and have never had it ask or say any one of these things. I started filling it out then the red flags started flying in my head... then I notice the l instead of the i. Oh fuck; what have i done.

I quickly open another window and login to the real bittrex site... which by the way has a different front page; it is not the login page. See below. Thank GOD all my funds are still intact... i change my password immediately.


Willing to bet if i had waited any longer; i would have been robbed. That wait 5 minutes symbol is probably more than enough time for someone to login and snag everything.

Please watch out... do not make the same mistake i made.

Please get the word out and upvote and/or resteem



Wow! Good catch with that.

Glad you got your password changed so fast!
This sort of thing needs to get spread around like crazy. otherwise a lot of people could get stolen from.

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Good spot! Well done. :)
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