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With regard of technology , the exertion and development of decentralization is not clearly
visible . for the real advancement and progress of the blockchain economy , blockchain should
play a part in decentralization . FLETA accept it without any doubt that such a scenario begins
from the independent DApps without running through centralized mining group .
The blockchain usage even with more currencies other than cryptocurrency are started as in
various industries . in spite this, DApps in blockchain are still difficult to find.
By this confidence , FLETA has came into being to make possible real decentralization by
independent DApp ecosystem. They are already came up with upgrading the blockchain’s core.
It make a adequate preparation for a spearheading structure for the blockchain that allowing the
DApps to perform with free hand and independently.

FLETA’s model

It’s model is a unconventional model of sharding , operating with a fully free from outside source so that the data cannot be mutually shared. They came up with a innovative model termed as Proof of work (PoW) , proof of stake (PoS) . it ward off the forks that are not needed. The consensus is made on the procedure of block mining and generated blocks are in designated sequence. This results in the reduction of dissemination range of block , causing the faster generation of block . after that observer node allows quick confirmation and put stop in fork. In succession , network
becomes stable and sustainable and the speed of transaction is enhanced.

In this system , every generated chain is operated and treated as a mainchain. Moreover, observer node enables instant confirmation and prevents fork. In turn, network becomes stable and transaction speed is increased. When new tokens are generated in FLETA, their own transaction chains are created, and blocks are processed through PoF consensus model and token economy. Thus, the mainchain and each subchain of DApps are not mutually influenced, operating independently in a parallel structure.

DApp token in FLETA

The tokens of DApp in this project are mined in accordance with particular token economy system that depends upon DApps parameter value.
On the preference of each DApp , the mining reward and execution fee can be customized . after the commencing or initial generation of the token through the Smart Contract ,the above mentioned function is made possible that’s called token.
The update on the rewarding system is done through the update using DApp governance in Smart Contract which means that update can be made without any fork , swap , wallet update or any pauses.

FLETA’s Multichain platform

It composed of a mainchain and of many subchains that collectively making up a multichain platform. When DApps are added both blockchain and data chain are expanded. The infinite scalability is attained through separation of data.
The responsibilities of formulator of each DApp is the subchain’s maintenance and management .and the seed node that is listed in the main chain give access to the subchian. The synchronization of formulator group settles maintaining and accessing issues of other structures.
Through Above discussed features , a multichain structure that ensures DApp independence in all aspects either functioning or data and token mining has developed .

Author: Amir Shahzad
Bitcointalk: meaamir1

Telegram: meaamir1


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