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What is ICO?

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering,

is a way for a company to create its own crypto currency and then offer it for sale to its customers.

This crypto currency can have its own blockchain, as was the case for Ethereum in 2014, or it can run on a token basis on another blockchain, like the ERC20 tokens that run on Ethereum. This latter method is the more common. This is also the method AMANPURI used to create its AMANPURI tokens. In an ICO, the buyers of the tokens exchange crypto currencies with the company for the newly created tokens. The company receives the money and the buyers receive the tokens.

Where can I view my token ?

     To do this, go to the website 

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or Enter your public key in the search field on the page. In the next step, switch from the "Transactions" button to the "Erc20 Token Txns" button. There you can view your AMANPURI token stock.

The AMANPURI Exchange ecosystem is a system that offers spot transactions and up to 100x leverage transaction system and complete security with a focus on the 100% protection of customer assets through collaborations with major custodians and the use of blockchain transparency consisting of direct financial assistance.

AMANPURI understands the importance of filling the gaps in the DLT exchange market through marketing and supplying the demand. The main competitors are VFA as a settlement system, exchanges between VFAs and between VFA and FIAT. The following are the AMANPURI Exchange’s targets and strategies:

Traditional Investors

AMANPURI offers simple transactions. By issuing an original debit card to users, you can also use AML to pay for services and products at affiliated stores. By adopting such a model, we can respond to the needs of traditional investors as we can eliminate the troubles associated with conversion into money, making withdrawals and repeated intermediary fees etc. Due to the capabilities associated with the debit card and the integration of VFA and DLT exchanges, transactions are very efficient, commissions are very low and volatility is maintained. In addition, AMANPURI offers customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The platform has multiple technological analysis tools to create an environment in which the services can be used without any of the associated stress, not only by professional investors but for many groups of customers who are about to enter the business.

Institutional Investors

Investors can easily and safely benefit from the VFA trading market with the infrastructure provided by AMANPURI. The AMANPURI Exchange is regulated and licensed by the Republic of Malta. The situation of assets is made public, and transparency is guaranteed though annual audits. We provide secure separate customer accounts for all investors and offer high-quality customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The AMANPURI Exchange welcomes corporate accounts. Demand for overseas remittance is rising with the promotion of globalization but losses due to border business, high fees and the length of time from remittance procedures to the arrival of funds is regarded as a problem. VFA can relieve companies from such stresses The AMANPURI Exchange supports the facilitation of inter-company remittances, and during special periods of ICO, we have a dedicated team that can provide preferential treatment for those who purchase AML.

The Token Economics

AMANPURI's ecosystem is supported by AML utility tokens. The AMANPURI token (AML) is an ERC20-compliant token issued in the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for transaction fees, listing fees in the AMANPURI Exchange and used for investment objectives such as exchanges with VFA etc. Moreover, there is also the possibility of shifting to an original blockchain in 2020.


Token Structure

Maximum total supply 210 000 000 AML

Available in public sale 126 000 000 AML

Hard Cap. 10 000 000 $

In this industry there many projects that set unrealistic hard caps, however, AMANPURI’s priority is the convenience of investors and users. Our calculation is based on bare minimums by reducing expenses and by collaborating with a single company rather than multiple companies.

Token Sale

ICO is open to investors and corporate pools. Corporate participants will be receiving from 35% to 55% bonuses according to the amount of investment (minimum investment amount applies: 50000 USD). Please contact us at [email protected] and for any enquires.


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