AMANPURI: DLT licensed exchange

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AMANPURI offers the perfect interface that satisfies all users, from new users to professional traders.
Our multilingual customer support will be available over the phone, and this reduces customer stress.
We offer innovative solutions for hacking, which is considered a problem on cryptocurrency exchanges.
We protect clients’ assets 100% by cooperating with major custodians
AMANPURI Solutions
Security solutions
There will be strict management of the signature with many signatures and a cold wallet, as well as security measures, such as partnerships with custodians, and, in addition, we plan to combine 5% of the monthly
operating profit in the form of funds solely to cover customer assets. in case of damage,
caused by attacks. Until we reach a joint agreement with our custodian, we will pool funds
in the amount of 7% of operating profit to protect customers’ assets from all risks.
Regulatory Decisions
AMANPURI is licensed in the Republic of Malta to minimize regulatory impact
on customers. Since March 2018, the Republic of Malta has taken a very positive position regarding
blockchain technology and takes it as a national strategy. It also attracts large
DLT exchanges such as BINANCE and OKEx. Malta is currently trying to build a reputation
Blockchain island, creating a regulatory environment that can leverage VFA effectively. Because the
the government is positive; banks support business.
Customer Support Solutions
There are currently more than 190 countries and 6,900 different languages ​​on the planet. Many
DLT exchanges only support a very limited number of languages, such as English and Chinese, which
does not help attract potential users. Moreover, defective email-only support is referred to as serious
problem because problems cannot be resolved in real time. AMANPURI Exchange will present
Customer service by phone, by May 2020 and will conduct correspondence in English, Chinese, Korean,
Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese (for the first issue correspondence will be conducted
English only). Other languages ​​will be added over time.
Sign Economy
The AMANPURI ecosystem is supported by AML service tokens. The AMANPURI Token (AML) is
token, compatible with ERC20, released in blokcheyne Ethereum and can be used for payment transactions,
transfer fees on the AMANPURI exchange and for investment purposes such as exchanging with
VFA, etc. In addition, there is also the possibility of switching to the original blockchain in 2020. Token Structure
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