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Investing in the cryptocurrency business is gaining momentum more and more every day. The only risk is the collapse of the token value, as well as the presence of scammers. One of the new projects, which analysts call the cryptocurrency market, is called AMANPURI. The new exchange from the company of the same name offers its customers a new, 100% safe and highly efficient project. Already, all interested investors can register on the official website of the company to purchase a new cryptocurrency.

The essence of the project, created in 2019, is to provide exchange services between users while maintaining the transparency and complete security of each transaction. User assets are always in good hands and protected both from the legal and technical side. Everyone can use the services of the project: private and legal entities.
At AMANPURI, customers are protected from the many problems that are encountered today on exchanges such as DLT. Here users get:
● There is no risk of hacking the system and a separate account.
● High quality, professional and timely customer service.
● Save time and protect against coin loss thanks to regulatory intervention.
● Low percentage of commission (only 0.15%) and high creditworthiness of the project.
The company managed to create a system for trading with high leverage using VFA without common problems, such as associated risks and technical difficulties. Many years of experience in Forex, as well as highly qualified developers have allowed us to create an impeccable project that is completely safe for traders and investors.
With such a low exchange commission, as here, customers will not have large financial losses. When paying with the system token, the commission will be half the price.
Among the indisputable advantages, high protection of user assets should be noted. To support this feature, the project uses:

  1. Digital signature with several signatures.
  2. Intelligent management of a cold wallet.
  3. Own reserve pool.
  4. Collaboration with key custodians.
  5. Registration in Malta is a country where the impact of regulations and legislation on the operation of the exchange is minimized.

On the official website, early access for customers is already available. To start making money on a promising project today, you need to register.

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