This is my post for new Steamitans. How To Post All Information I want told Earn money with Steveet (Steam Dollar and Stimpy Power Explanation)

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20180920_130354.pngThere have been lots of lies in the last few months about Stevemeet. Steamit is a social news platform that posts users digital stamps for stem and promotes good content. Think reddit, but with a great add-on to pay for your participation.

The problem is that since I saw it with stimmeth, it is very difficult to understand the concept. There are many misconceptions, for example, your stimmers which are platforms, steam - digital currency, stem power, stem dollars and all of them have become unexpectedly a big hit. Ultimately, the average user who wants to start with Stevem goes confused and leaves the platform.

In this post I will try to understand some of these terms and generally from the platform, and will help to understand how to start with Steveme if you want to do something that you want to follow.

A little history about steam

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A bit about the history of steam, stem dollars and stem power explain that the price of steam is decreasing? Do you want to start blogging on stem? Build an audience on stem

Stem (digital currency, the site is not confused with Steamit) was first described in March 2016 on a white paper. Steam and Steimit were in the Beta till July 4th. Once the platform (Steamit) became alive and paid for the payment, the currency increased by $ 0 to 1800%. 24 to $ 4 63. However, after the declines decreased down and the currency gradually returns back to $ 0. 28.

The rapid rise in the explosive growth and coincidence, people suspect that the stem may be probably another pump and dump scheme. In such a project, the founders and early adopters of the money circulate through media promotion and then sell their coins to a huge profit. Those who get hit by this are late joiners who have stuck with many coins that have lost their value.

Over the past few months the Steamite platform has increased greatly. According to Alexa's web ranking, how much of the stem traffic has increased:20180920_130415.pngIn all honesty I personally did not use stem or platform, and I am still trying to illustrate all these things. This article is the first step in making all those feelings ...

Steem Dollar and Steem Energy Explained

To get some idea of ​​the whole ecosystem, I started digging a YouTube video about Steem and Steimit platforms, which is probably one of the best things I found to be complete:

If you do not want to watch the entire 12 minutes video, here's a quick split explanation:

Steam - The basic cryptoconference used in this whole system. It is like a brick used to build stem dollars and steam power (will be explained at one moment). You can buy and sell Steem, think of its price or convert it to Steam Dollars and Steam. But if you do not want to think of the price or you are not cashing out of your steam income, then you do not have to be consistent with the steam.

Steam Dollar - It's also known as the currency of the Steamite platform and the SMD. These people are sending each other when they post upvote Steimit post. Because it represents steam dollars because the $ 1 stem dollar represents the amount of stem needed to reach a billion dollar exchange rate (more or less) basis.

Although different than the stem, you can not use the stem dollar outside of the Steamit platform. You will first have to convert your steam dollars into stem and only then you will be able to convert to Bitcoin or USD stem.

Because the stem was made dollars because the founders wanted to reduce the price of the stem to a bit more than the US dollar, so that people are able to trade inside the steamit but not afraid of exchange rate unrest in this trade if you trade, for example, 100 Steem dollars you know that you are away $ Paying for 100 steam.

The Stem Dollar is just an IO, a promise - and if you decide to cash in on your Steame dollar, you will get many steam to get that value in dollar. There is an interest earned on the rest of your account in the dollar (currently 10% a year). It is done to persuade people to leave their Steem Dollars in their account.

Stem power - also known as SP, in short is basically a token symbol, how much effect you have inside the steameter platform. If you have many SPs, your upvotes will count more and the various authors SP and Steem Dollars will provide as well as the prizes.

Increasing energy - increasing the SP by purchasing it through the uppot or steam.

Empowerment - means to go for retirement of your SP in Steam.

SP takes 2 full years that can be driven for Steem in a long process. The SPK is considered "long-term investment" on the Steam platform. It is why it costs a long time to pay cash, it also maintains a very high interest rate, encourages people not to get the strength.Why is steem prices going down?

Although the future of the stem was very bright, although it was launched, but shortly after the price slowdown began to decline, the question is, if Steit is such a great platform then how is the price going?

One explanation that comes to me is that the price changes reflect the supply and demand of a particular currency. When the price increases - there are more buyers than the seller, when it decreases - so many vendors are selling to the buyers, so there was no vendor since the platform was already in place before the stem. People can buy only stem, but without cash. So people invest "money in steam", money and time to create meaningful materials. These people are being paid for their content but they can not cash out the money.

Once steam is fully operational, Steem users pay their Steem Dollars in Steam cash, and then get a chance to bump or stum out their local currencies. That's why I think price has dropped since the launch. Some people do not really use steam because they are not taken from anywhere, so once they get steam in their hands, they trade it faster. Combine with the condition that you do not have any other motivation for investing in real life, and you will get a large amount of vendors that drive prices.

One of the main reasons is that the reason that Steem's my opinion is not fully collapsed after the launch is that the reason that your steam can not be traded simultaneously at all. Stem Power has a limit of 104 weeks, until you can make it fully invested, so it closes the value compilation and makes it more consistent.

Do you want to start blogging on Stem?

I think the million dollar question. One of the best things about Stevemeet is that you originally wrote "old stuff" which is basically "copy and paste" So if you are already a blogger or some good content you want to share then it might price it check out and see how it goes. Just go to Steam, open an account and start posting.

Personally I think that even though the community has increased greatly, writing on the platform still does not get much money. I think the idea is great - people need your developed radios where you can reward for your efforts, but the death penalty is still far from complete. The platform is too complex to grasp and I still can not understand how and when I pay for posting or updating content

Fortunately enough, our author Brian is making a reasonable income source through a steam and he was willing to share his experience on platform today. Take Brian ...

Develop an audience of steam

So how can your rack be able to show steam feedback and up-ups? First, when publishing online, you can acknowledge that it can be hit or missed. This is especially true if you have not already built up a big following. There are no sure sources that I'm sure that each article is going to be a destructive success.

However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success. Steam is a large collection of small communities, or more accurately, streams. In general, the format is similar to radiité and there are various "tags and things". You have to draw your views and objections about the types and the types of readers found in each mini-community.

By and large, the subject is self explanatory. "Libertarian", "Anarchy", the general "politics" tag, which seems to be a progressive left foot, looks like "life", "food", "art", and "health", and some other popular topics. Considering your own interests when you are selecting your topics and taking some time to review recent past articles that are successful and the overall view of the community studies past articles, you can see what works. To get a separate community, you can get a better idea of ​​how to apply and reach the readers.

My experience (and research), two types of articles have enjoyed the greatest success. Current, breaking comments on breaking events, and long-standing intellectual pieces, which really excavate a subject or subject and are usually "green". To be clear, however, you should not take it as a strict rule, but as a general reflection of a writer. You must be willing to examine yourself as you can and should uncover your own insights.If you take the comment route, then if you are the first person to analyze a problem, then you are going to stand the highest chance of success. Analysis should be the root and should be a point or argument. If you are just writing a repetition of what Ruth is writing on a problem, you will not be offering the content as unique, and thus many get upvotes thus you can read.

With long form issues you really have to focus on adding value to readers. Write something controversial, or consider a problem from a different lens. Another option is to offer some really cool and deep research. Most of the articles on Steamit are longer and more deeper. These critical analysis pieces are both compelling, and the readers offer a lot of value.

For the topics, you have to follow your own interests. There are many different topics that are great things about Steem, and many readers interested in these different topics that you can almost certainly find the right topic to write. Dating, personal reflection, creative fiction, politics, has different options.

What is important is carve your own niche, and pursue your emotions. Also, spend time creating interesting and easy headlines so that the reader is grasped. Do not forget to upload high quality images. To be genuine, this is a bit of a hassle while uploading steam photos, so try to avoid this step. Big mistake Extra minutes or two you can go a long way towards drawing in readers to spend a photo upload.

Even after? Stay steadfast Comment on other people's posts focused on quality and follow them. Instead, they could follow you. Being active in the community will help you to create your own name and help create an audience. Over time, most of the followers make it easy to repeat your success.

If you've got your experience with Steamit, then I want to learn from your experience and probably want to learn from your experience. Please let me know in the comments section below.

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