Charlie Lee's Litecoin... Price of coin? "CONTEST" 1SBD

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

Now that Charlie Lee "Creator of Litecoin" has cashed out all his Litecoin.

Will Litecoin's price fall, rise or stay the same?

Please Let the community know your thoughts AND predictions.

Please leave your target price in the comments by 01/25/2018 12pm (est)-- with upvote $ resteem

The Steemian who is closest to the target price on 01/29/2018 12pm will win 1 SBD.

Thanks for playing.




@jonny1 with his prediction of $199.87
you won 1 SBD for being closest to the price.

Way to go!

But did he not leave due to a conflict of interest? He left to give the coin a better and more true future? Still my favorite coin and one I accumulate using profit.

Also My prediction is $208.30 usd. absolute stab in the dark but I 100 % it will be over $1000 usd by end of 2018.
All coins for that matter will, first hurdle is 1t USD total crypto mc and watch those who thought it was just a bubble rush to get in.

I thought he left to, but he didn't from what I've researched. He just sold all his coins for conflict of interest reasons. Thanks for your prediction and good luck!!

I'll go for $199.87

Bet. Thanks for playing !!

You got a 0.84% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @mcbitty!

Ok all Litecoin price predictions are in. 01/25/2018

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